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Whether they’re rethinking the world of retail, creating designs for kiddies or offering top-notch pampering, these insider favorites should not be missed


local finds vienna
© Catherine Margaret

The Danes are famous for their designers and thankfully they don’t stop at kiddie fashion. In a quirky little store in the 7th district you’ll find top quality kids wear and accessories. Your stylish kids can relax in the designated kids’ corner as Danish music pours out of the speakers enhancing your shopping experience. A shop that has it all – from button down shirts to pacifiers, from playthings to teaching tools and even a couple of things for parents. My favorites are the backpacks from Blafre, which remind me of my own childhood, and the ultra fashionable brand Soft Gallery that collaborates with artists from around the globe. I also had to hold myself back from buying the adorable indoor fort Hippie Tipi – irresistibly cute. Even if your little rascal is a handful, at least they look good while throwing a tantrum.



local finds vienna
© Trendzeit

Innovation in retail is one of the hottest markets right now. The world of fashion is in constant flux, as is the way we consume fashion. The death of the American mall model is just one example. Of all the new approaches on the market, Trendzeit’s idea might be the next innovative approach to take hold. It all starts with browsing the collections of the young designers on their website. After picking a wish list you order everything to a brick-and-mortar shop. There you make a personal appointment to try everything you picked and if you don’t like it you don’t pay anything, not even shipping. Taking online shopping to the next level and doing away with the fear of clothes not fitting. I love this exciting new prospect and hope Trendzeit keeps expanding their portfolio – especially for men.


Ritz-Carlton Spa

local finds vienna

How often do we get the chance to escape our daily routines, let go of pressure from work or simply remember to take a moment to breathe deeply? Most of us aren’t disciplined enough to create this type of relaxation for ourselves: Enter, the day spa. While thermal baths and resorts have a long tradition in Austria, inner city spas have been few and far between in Vienna. The Ritz-Carlton Spa boasts an indoor swimming pool, which is the perfect place to splash while waiting for a massage – it’s a mini vacation in itself. The spa menu offers everything from massages (hot stone massage) to facials (ultimate radiance) and body scrubs (nourished glow), to pamper you into oblivion. If you want to up the ante you can book one of the luxurious private spa suites or buy yourself and your partner the I am love package. Time to look for the do not disturb sign.

Ali Rabbani
Creative director and stylist for film and print. He studied fashion in Vienna and has worked all over the world in styling, set and food design, as well as art direction for advertising and fashion shoots, videos and shows. See his work @iamrabbani

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