Our Local Finds This Summer

As summer hits a crescendo, we check out some intriguing new concepts, from quality pet food to alternative medicine and Japanese denim.


7., Burggasse 100A

Beloved among bikers, this heavy-duty utilitarian Japanese clothing brand and ethical outfitter boasts impeccable classic design, durability, sustainable practices and the highest standards in quality, setting it a cut above the rest. Better yet, it’s now easily available in Vienna, as Iron Heart has made its first foray outside its home country! Celebrating its grand opening on June 30 on the premises previously known as The Low-Down On Denim, this sleek and spacious store has been revamped by owners Martin Novak and Markus Weber, now featuring a shop-in-shop concept, including boots from the cult label Wesco, motorcycle sweaters from US label Dehen and jewelry from GOOD ART HLYWD. Scottish leather jackets from Simmons Bilt round out the selection, making for a perfect vintage style second skin when quality counts. These thoughtfully updated classical styles are timelessly beautiful, ignoring fading fashion trends and opting for quality, utility and sustainability


7., Stiftgasse 19

Named after the Chinese goddess of cannabis, the Magu store offers a plethora of high-quality CBD (cannabidiol) products aimed at improving well-being without the psychoactive effects of THC. These high-quality, organic compounds made in Austria come in an ever-expanding variety of gels, oils and buds with clinically proven effects on a variety of human ailments and minimal side effects. Intent to help people become healthier and happier by offering the health benefits of cannabis without the legal implications: CBD can be an effective therapy for many serious conditions such as pain, PTSD, inflammation, psychosis, arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism and Parkinson’s, among others. They will continue to expand their product line in the years to come, making their products more effective and affordable.


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3., Gärtnergasse 14

A haven for happy hounds and content kitties, the newly opened Cliffi & Friends is jointly run by cynologist and dog trainer Niki Dirnbacher and co-founder Didi Eismayr. Growing out of the simple desire to consciously cater to our furry friends, you’ll find a wide array of sustainable supplies, ranging from their very own PURE Naturfutter pet food to chew toys, collars and cuddly cribs. Their newest line features six menus with single sources of protein and is suitable for dogs with special dietary needs. Good against indigestion, these preservative-free, gently processed meals come in turkey, fish, horse and lamb, and contain no cereal or beef, as these often cause issues. In addition, they have home-baked treats, dog training in English and workshops for dog owners as well as informative evening lectures! Woof!

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