PUBLISHER’S LETTER A Lucky Hand Whether we play for sport, community, competition or relaxation, games have been a fundamental human pastime throughout history Margaret Childs COVER STORY Profits, Politics, Patronage More revenues, more products and more gambling addicts. With the state reaping both taxes and profits, laws mostly protect operators Florian Peschl SPECIAL REPORT My Life as a Game In an increasingly gamified world, it matters who controls your character Andrew Standen-Raz

In this issue PROFILES State of Play Janima Nam BUSINESS Board Game Bonanza Jennifer Cornick TECHNOLOGY Tweet me the News Jacob Lassar GRÄTZL The Fairytale Road Julia Seidl CITY LIFE Alter Egos Come out
to Play
Kaja Šeruga
HOW TO ... Play Games in Vienna Andreas Rainer

Slide INTERNATIONAL Farewell, Britannia! Diplomacy Celebrating 40 Years of the UN in Vienna INTERNATIONAL

Slide MELANGE For Love of
the Game
Why Monika Racek, the CEO of Admiral Casinos, thinks battling gambling addiction is good for business. Margaret Childs
Slide OP-ED There Are 17 Million Mobile EU Citizens We deserve a political voice Alberto Alemanno Slide OPINION The Choice for Europe Amid foreign efforts to undermine Western democracy, decisive questions increasingly can only be addressed in Brussels Dardis McNamee

Slide THEATER All Salzburg’s
a Stage
TRAVEL On the Currents of History RESTAURANT Park Life CHEF’S TABLE Summer in the City
WINE Round the Flat Lake SPORTS Expatriate Games BOOKS Who Owns
Kafka’s Legacy
GEMISCHTER SATZ Matti Bunzl: Staging the Conversation
Antonia Kögl & Benedikt Steinle Binu Starnegg

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