The MAK Celebrates Otto Wagner’s 100th Anniversary

The MAK shows the enduring influence of the seminal architect, from the 19th century to today.

Leaving an epochal impact on Vienna’s appearance, architect Otto Wagner also left a lasting mark on modernism, inspiring future generations worldwide and creating the iconic Vienna Stadtbahn, the Kirche am Steinhof and the Postsparkasse. To mark the 100th anniversary of his death, the MAK presents his most important works, along with the achievements of his disciples and other architects influenced by his vision.

The “Father of Modernism,” Wagner was briefly a member of the Wiener Secession, his simple-yet-ornamental Jugendstil aesthetic creating a bridge between 19th century historicism and 20th century simplicity. His legacy is displayed in three chapters: “Plan and Method” shows the architect’s influence on urban planning; “Type and Style” describes how Modernism gradually manifested and “Technique and Material” examines Wagner’s use of new building methods.

May 30-Sep 30, MAK. 1., Stubenring 5.

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