Austria gets tough on its southern border


After the tightening of asylum regulations – an upper limit of 35,000 asylum claims per year has been announced – the Austrian government is stepping up controls along the southern border. Beginning in mid-February, 13 border checkpoints in Styria, Carinthia, Tyrol and Burgenland will be more tightly controlled by border police and the Austrian Bundesheer (army). Between 450 and 650 men will be on duty at key spots, like the southern Styrian crossing at Spielfeld. The new -system aims to limit asylum applications in Austria to 80 per day and refugees in transit to Germany to 3,200 per day.  A public debate Refugees in Europe: How Can We Handle It? is scheduled at the Burgtheater (in English and German) .

When: March 13th, 11:00  Where: Burgtheater




Football fans get ready for the Euro 2016


“France, we are coming” wasn’t without reason, the chant of 2015. This summer, the Austrian national football team will take part in the final tournament of the European Championship for the first time in recent memory, having not only qualified but finished first in their group (their appearance in 2008  was for being the host country, with unsurprisingly poor results). March is the last chance for fans of Alaba, Fuchs and Almer to buy tickets in the final round of the UEFA-ticketing process. Those who miss out can look forward to the two international matches – versus  Albania and Turkey – in Vienna’s Prater.

When: March 26th (Albania) & 29th (Turkey) Where: Ernst Happel Stadion





Alexi Pelekanos
Alexi Pelekanos

The “Diagonale” in Graz draws cineasts

While everybody across the pond is warming up for the Oscars, the native Bundesland of Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting ready to host the yearly “Festival of Austrian Film”. Taking place from March 8th to 13th in the Styrian capital of Graz, the Diagonale 2016 will showcase the quality and variety of Austrian film production. At last year’s festival, over 27,000 movie buffs watched a total of 157 films, 97 of which competed for one of several prizes. With 50 first releases and 25 Austrian premieres in 2015, the festival also offered plenty of new, never-before-seen -material. This year’s Diagonale is set to repeat this feat while laying a special emphasis on diversity.


Women want a pledge for parity09_MET_16_03_Frauentag_1914_plakate_PubDom

International Women’s Day on March 8 brings a host of events throughout the city. The Rathaus (city hall) offers workshops between 15:00 and 22:00 on women’s empowerment, a room for “Girls and Technology,” as well as a new exhibition with the title Vienna. City of Great Daughters.  In fact, Vienna was part of the first ever IWD, on March 19, 1911, which was celebrated by over a million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. In Austria-Hungary, over 300 demonstrations took place, including a march on the Ringstraße – a testament to the long and proud history of Austrian women fighting for equality.

When: March 8th Where: Rathaus

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