The Vinnitski’s Matiki Bar Brings a Tropical Feel to Spittelberg

by Antonia Kögl & Benedikt Steinle 

Vienna doesn’t have a proper Tiki bar? “Impossible,” thought the brothers Matty and Arik Vinnitski and so, they sought to rectify that by opening their very own tropical paradise in September 2017. Nestled within the 7th district’s picturesque Spittelberg area, the two Belgians with Ukrainian roots built their dream bar as a true family business: Their interior designer mother planned the renovation, while their other brother designed their own Tiki mugs, which are produced by their father in Kiev and purchasable at the bar. 

Like many others, the Matiki Bar didn’t have an easy time during the lockdown. But after only the first four days, they managed to adapt, starting their own cocktail delivery and take away service – one of the first in Vienna. Due to its runaway success, they plan to keep it even after quarantine, at least for the summer – offering patrons a tropical mood delivered to their doorstep! Just like the rest of the Austrian bar scene, Matiki faces new challenges. In an age of social distancing, their up to 50 seats – 24 in their Schanigarten and 26 inside the bar – leave them well equipped for observing the mandatory 1 meter distance between patrons while still making enough to carry on.

If you decide to become a regular, monotony needn’t be a concern – for variety, they change their cocktail menu every week! 

Naturally, the brothers man the bar themselves, proud of their huge selection of choice rums – a must for any tiki bar – and their bespoke selection of mezcal. In addition, they produce many of their juices, syrups and liqueurs themselves, making it easier to ensure quality. 

Besides Caribbean classics like the Zombie and the infamous Mai Tai (a special signature house variation), you’ll find drinks like the Pain Killer (fresh orange and pineapple juice, coconut cream, Navy rum, and a pinch of nutmeg) to quench your thirst this summer. And if you decide to become a regular, monotony needn’t be a concern – for variety, they change their 10-drink-strong cocktail menu every week! They’ve even found a way around mandatory post-lockdown menu disinfection – by sticking them inside a bottle. Robinson Crusoe would be proud. 

If you’re feeling less adventurous, the Vinnitski boys are always ready to serve their own variations of the classics – taking their advice is always recommended, so why not visit their lovely tropical hideaway? Reservations welcome! 

(C) Matiki Bar

Mai Tai

makes 1 cocktail 


1 cl sugarcane syrup 

3 cl rhum agricole 3 cl Jamaican rum 

1 cl almond syrup 

3 cl fresh lime juice 

1.5 cl dry Curaçao 

Crushed Ice 

A sprig of fresh peppermint 

1. If you want to make your own sugarcane syrup, mix two parts cane sugar with one part water, heat slowly until completely dissolved, then cool. 

2. Crushed ice is really easy to make at home as well: Freeze a block of ice in a Tupperware box, lift it out, wrap in a towel and crush with a pan or hammer until the desired consistancy is achieved. 

3. Either way, put everything except the peppermint in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Pour all of it in a slightly larger drinking glass (or a Tiki mug, if you have one) and garnish it with the peppermint sprig and a straw. 

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