Practical Guide to Men’s Mental Health in Vienna

Each of us thrives on our social relationships, knowing our family is safe and healthy and having a routine and productive life. COVID-19 upended each of these usual comforts, and along with it our mental health.

We are more stressed out, inundated with negative news, isolated, and without the normal routines grounding our sense of relationships, worth, and future. Moreover, rates of domestic abuse have increased rapidly, and everyone needs to know there is help available. 1 in 5 women in Austria has been a victim of intimate partner violence and this has only increased due to COVID-19 lockdowns and isolation. 

These resources are for English-speaking boys and men facing violence, verbal, physical or psychological abuse, sexual, social or economic abuse, if you need:

  • immediate assistance 
  • counselling 
  • individual or group therapy
  • legal advice 
  • have general questions
  • or simply feeling uncertain about what to do next

The following websites are support hotlines, information and research on the psychology of domestic violence. More than anything, you’re not alone.

If you’re in immediate danger, you may call 133 (Police) or 112 (Euro-Emergency number across EU).


A crisis hotline for boys and men facing acute conflict or crisis situations at all hours of the day. They will offer immediate response, and longer term counseling services, emergency sleeping facilities, legal counseling, anti-violence training and mediate conflict.

  • +43 0800 400 777

Domestic Violence Intervention Center Vienna

Domestic Violence Intervention Center Vienna  provide interventions in the event of violence in the family run by social workers and lawyers. Here is a map of intervention centers across Austria

  • Their interventions and consultations are offered in German, English, French, Italian, Slovakian, Armenian, BKS, Farsi, Kurdish, Polish, Russian and Turkish.

Sigmund Freud University

Sigmund Freud University has a Psychological Outpatient Clinic for treatment for addiction, stress, burnout, chronic pain, aggression, emotional and social skills training, concentration and more by way of individual and group therapy. Payment is income-based. All of their services are offered in English. 

Association of Independent Safehouses in Austria

Autonome Österreichische Frauenhäuser provides a network of available safehouses for women across Austria, it outlines laws in Austria for protection against violence and provides education on domestic abuse. 

  • Women’s Helpline against Violence: 0800 222 555


Family Counselling (familienberatung) offers free, anonymous consultation on divorce, separation, education, sexuality, couples’ conflict, psychological problems, family violence, pregnancy. Family Counseling also provides counseling centers if your children, friends or students are involved in religious extremism and the Austrian Youth Portal as a service for young people between 12 and 26. They provide services in English and can be reached Monday to Thursday from 9:00-15:00.

  • Call: 0800240262
  • German and English

Men’s Counseling Center

Männerberatungsstellen offers psychological, psychotherapeutic, social and legal help, alongside information and training on different topics men are coping with. 

  • In Vienna, they can be reached at 01-603282828
  • For other regions, see here

If you’re looking for an English-speaking psychologist or therapist, you can use the advanced search options at psyonline.

Corona hotline

Corona hotline  Austria’s Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection provides a 24-hour hotline for questions about support, travel, working and more. For questions about transmission, symptoms and prevention you can reach the Austria Agency for Health and Food Safety at 0800 555 621. For general health consultations, you can reach 1450.

Forum for the re-empowerment of women facing relationship abuse re-empowerment offers discussion groups and informational resources.

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