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Community Support for Mental Health & Domestic Abuse in Vienna

This has been a tough year. Our family lives, relationships, self-esteem and anxiety levels have never been more stressed, especially for those of us living abroad. We are here to provide information and community support on where you can get help for mental health, domestic abuse or anything else on your mind. 

There’s no shame in asking for help. This page is a resource for you. If you have additions or questions, please reach out to [email protected] We at Metropole want to hear from you!

Share your thoughts with the community as we rebuild together! (Answers are anonymous)

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We are all in this together

Metropole is being a community, even if we can’t all meet in person. We aspire to be a platform for encouraging conversations and sharing experiences.
If you’re willing, send us a message describing the way you are coping with lockdown and or simply what you would like this community to be for you, so we can learn and persevere together. Answers can be published anonymously. Send to [email protected]

Experience Sharing

How are you coping with overwhelming stress and uncertainty from the pandemic?

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