The creators of It’s All About the Meat, Baby share their plans for the future of Vienna burgers and how to make the best one

Resurrected from their 2013 pop-up, It’s All About the Meat, Baby is a concept The Culinary Love Band wants to stick with. “It’s all about quality,” explained Brian Patton, beer sommelier and co-owner of the TCLB. “I’ve been obsessed with burgers for years,” he admitted to Metropole. “I refer to them as an art form.”

And he’s not joking. At the Meat Baby, they source Hereford premium Irish beef, which is dry aged for 28 days in Ireland. They import it themselves and mince two different cuts of meat fresh every day. They smoke their own cheese, bake their  own bread and use only homemade condiments like the chili relish on the Halibut Burger (yes, a fish burger). So, apparently it’s not all about the meat. They even have a Bob Marley Burger. Few people know he was a vegetarian and these buns contain pickled and caramelized onions, goat’s cheese and a juicy portobello mushroom. Hungry yet?

Brian told us that this burger concept is not just going to be like the previous summer pop-ups, Big Smoke BBQ and Slow Tacos. The Meat is here to stay, baby. They are looking into opening multiple locations around Vienna.

“Pop-up restaurants are great,” Brain said. “But you don’t get to develop a relationship with the customer. That’s the real magic of gastronomy.”


It’s All About the Meat, Baby
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May–Sept: Mon–Fri, 17:00–23:00, Sat–Sun 12:00–23:00 (weather permitting)

The Perfect Burger

meatbaby_burger_facebookTCLB Chef Peter Zinter’s Five tips for sizzling success

1. Use freshly baked buns. There is nothing more mouthwatering than the crunch of crisp crust.

2. It’s all about the meat… Premium beef from various cuts makes the best patty.

3. Don’t season the meat! Salt and pepper when you assemble the burger.

4. It’s all about proportions.  It should be 70:30 or 80:20 meat-to-fat ratio.

5. Patience. Put the patty on high heat and only flip it once, not back and forth.