Metropole Joins Sphera

Multilingual videos, podcasts and events across Europe – that’s what the Sphera project is all about. Metropole is one of 10 founding members.

It is time to tell Europe’s stories in many languages. That’s what the Sphera project set out to do.

The initiative gathers 10 partners from 7 countries to produce innovative content in 6 languages (EN, FR, DE, PL, ES, IT).

Metropole is a proud founding member of this initiative, together with independent media and creative organizations all across the continent. Sphera aims to engage Europeans through videos, podcasts, events; on social media on InstagramTwitter and Facebook; as well as via the channels of its member media.

Sphera Reinvents European Media

One goal of the project is to encourage young people to become media creators themselves, so that they can feel connected to current European issues as potential drivers of societal change. Metropole adds the Central and Eastern European perspective to all of that.

The Sphera consortium aims to reinvent the European media space

We bring you a new, authentic social-media-driven narrative that consists of both local and pan-European issues; all tapping into what Europeans really care about today.

Founding Members of Sphera

The 10 founding member media of the Sphera consortium are:

Babel International is a French not-for-profit organisation editing Cafébabel, the first online multilingual European magazine. Since 2001, Cafébabel has been championing the idea of an inclusive Europe, where many voices and realities are represented.

The Dutch not-for-profit organisation, Are We Europe, is a pan-European media, focusing on border-breaking stories since 2016.

The only European agency dedicated entirely to podcasting, Bulle Media offers different audio formats that offer the essence of the latest European topics and news.

Arty Farty is a French not-for-profit organization that has been at the forefront of creative projects since 1999. Focusing on youth and innovation, they are the organisers of European Lab and the music festival Nuit Sonores.

StreetPress is a French online media about urban culture and social matters. Since 2009, StreetPress has promoted investigative impact journalism that is able to (re)create trust between citizens and the media.

Since 2017, El Salto is a Spanish grassroots independent media adopting the cooperative model. Committed and independently-run, El Salto covers topics such as politics, ecofeminism, migration and culture, with a radical perspective.

Linkiesta is an Italian online media producing investigative journalism, in-depth analysis and commentary since 2001. In the Italian panorama, Linkiesta chooses to fight counter-current media battles, all the while being anchored in the truth of information.

Outriders is a Polish not-for-profit organization covering global issues for local impact, as well as seeking answers to problems, fears and needs. Outriders believes that journalism can be made both ethically and locally.

Dinamo is an Italian web agency specialized in video production and social media marketing.

Metropole is a Viennese media organization running the leading English-language media network in Austria, focusing on news, culture and lifestyle.

Sphera as A Hub For Alternative Media

As the first decentralized hub for alternative media across Europe, the Sphera project received support and funding by the European Commission. Editorial independence is guaranteed within the Grant Agreement.

Follow Metropole on our social media channels to see more of our own weekly Sphera videos as well as selected footage of European partners. And if you can’t get enough, check out our Youtube channel where we publish all videos of the Sphera project in multiple languages.

Tune in and join the pan-European debate.

Sphera is waiting for you!

Benjamin Wolf
Benjamin studied Journalism, History and International Affairs. After stints with Cafébabel in Paris and Arte in Strasbourg, he is now working as managing editor and COO for Metropole in Vienna. Fields of expertise are politics, economics, culture, and history. Photo: Visual Hub

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