Metropole’s Editorial Mission

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What can people expect from our magazine and online content? Why should Metropolitans spend time on our work and their money on subscriptions? Because we are a top-quality publication that’s worth reading and paying for.

Here’s what we stand for.

Goals. Goals. We choose our magazine topics and online news based on what’s most important to Metropolitans – a heady mix of culture, business, and politics (and some weird news too) to keep them informed about what matters most. Regular readers should be able to hold their own at an Austrian dinner party, know the major players and be able to form their own opinions. When it comes to cultural events, the Viennese are spoiled for choice – and our readers should have enough information to feel that they are, too.

“A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself.”

-Arthur Miller, dramatist

Our politics. This is our hometown and we love it. We strive to hold the powerful accountable and shine a light into dark corners – as journalists, our job is to serve as the common carrier between the people and the powers-that-be. Though the love might sometimes be tough, we are always and ever the loyal opposition.

“News is what someone wants suppressed. Everything else is advertising.”

– Katharine Graham, newspaper publisher


Independence. Metropole is a quality publication, free from political and economic influence (and we aren’t just saying that – it’s true). Only 44% of our readers have Austrian or EU citizenship, which means they usually pay taxes but can’t vote – so political parties are not trying to influence us. Like most media, we run ads. We also observe a strict “church and state” separation between our sales team and editorial staff.
Paid content. When we run paid advertorials or spotlight events and products from partners, these are always clearly marked – either as “advertorial,” “paid content,” “promotion” or similar.

“We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.”

—Yves Saint Laurent


Style. We strive to offer culture and news with style, both in the selection of topics and the execution of stories. Style doesn’t mean we only write about fancy operas (though we also do that), nor does it mean we employ grandiloquent turns of phrase plucked from centuries of yore (except whenwe think it adds humor). We think simple is sophisticated, and that precision in language often affords an opportunity to be vivid as well as clear.

“Life is too short to learn German”…but we should try anyway.


Language. Our writing is for Metropolitans – and English continues to be the international standard for business and diplomacy. We don’t call our subscribers “expats” or “immigrants”, we call them Metropolitans – people who have taken the bold step of pulling up stakes and making a new life ina new city. That said, Vienna is the hometown of our readers – and learning the local language is part of belonging. That’s why we use some German Schlüsselwörter (key words), but add translations.
Quality. We will always cite their sources in our articles, and our facts must be corroborated by at least two sources. Our editors do not allow writers to attribute information or quotes to unnamed sources without ensuring that these are real people and that we have audio or other confirmation. Our print magazine is carefully fact-checked by an independent consultant.

“To err is human, to own up and fix mistakes is journalism”

– Metropole


Corrections. We are definitely human. That’s why we’re grateful to keen readers for bringing mistakes too our attention – we will always check and issue a correction if we have made a mistake. Errors and corrections are highlighted and dated in the “Letters to the Editor” section of the print magazine, and at the bottom of online articles. Thank you for keeping us on our toes!
Ethics. A free media is a cornerstone of democracy, holding truth to power – and holding itself to a high ideal of fairness, transparency and accuracy. As a participating media outlet of the Austrian Press Council, we subscribe to its Code of Honor (link in German) and are subject to its self-regulatory complaint mechanism.