The eclectic musician reunites with his backing band The Innocent Criminals for a new album

A darling of the alternative crowd, socially conscious multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Ben Harper is widely noted for his skill on the slide guitar and highly respected for his musical style – a diverse mix of folk, blues, rock, soul and reggae – winning three Grammys to date. Having split-up in 2008 with his most prominent backing band, The Innocent Criminals, to pursue other projects, he has now brought them back together, all the richer for their experiences apart. Currently on tour in support of their new album, Call It What You Want,  a title that references their mix of styles and topics, executed with elaborate detail. From traditional blues that addresses contemporary issues such as racially motivated police shootings, to lighter fare more suitable for mainstream airplay, they also delve into rock nostalgia with the song When Sex Was Dirty. Shortly after their reunion in 2015, the band’s percussionist Leon Mobley told Rolling Stone that collaborating again was like effortlessly getting back on a bike after a few years. Call It What You Want is a powerful verification of that statement.

Sep 27, 20:00, Konzerthaus