The American alternative rock band legends crash into Vienna supporting their latest album

When it comes to late 20th century rock, Dinosaur Jr. and their influence cannot be understated. Since 1984, their back-to-the-roots garage band approach and unique mix of genres like country, hardcore punk and sabbath doom has left an indelible mark on grunge and indie. With their heavy distortion and feedback, lead singer/guitarist J Mascis’ trademark whine and frequent songs about alienation, detachment and boredom, they were the musical personification of slacker chic, reaching a small but rabid fanbase comprised heavily of other artists, influencing popular bands like Nirvana, Sublime or The Pixies. But tensions flared, leaving Mascis as the sole member and recording albums mostly by himself by 1994.

Reunited in the original line-up since 2007, J Mascis, bassist Lou Barlow and drummer Murph bring some of their most memorable songs from previous albums alongside newer material, a throwback to the low-tech, fuzzy days of the 1990s. Their latest, 2016’s “Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not,” reaches back to the fundamentals as well as delving into more modern territory; a clarion call to rockers across generations, cementing Dinosaur Jr.’s legacy with an unlikely revival.

July 20, 19:00, WUK

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