This August, Songwriter, Social Activist and all-round Talent P.J. Harvey Will Rock in Vienna

With a socio-critical musical reportage, the exceptional P. J. Harvey reinvents herself once again

Rock-goddess, poet, MBE – for three decades, the chameleonic, multi-talented singer-songwriter P.J. Harvey has defied pigeonholing with astounding ease. Presenting her 2016 album “The Hope Six Demolition Project,” the world-renowned musician returns t with unparalleled rock-folk-blues tunes.

Born in Bridport, Dorset, Harvey made her first musical steps in 1988 as the vocalist for Automatic Dlamini, before going solo with former band members Rob Ellis and Ian Oliver; soon she was conquering international stages and crowned as Best New Artist and Best Singer Songwriter by Rolling Stone Magazine in 1992 as singer-songwriting reached popularity not seen since the 1960s. Since then, Harvey has embarked on a triumphant career, wrought with numerous memorable collaborations including Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Marianne Faithful, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Tricky and even Josh Homme’s storied Desert Sessions, an iconic, series of star-studded jams.

A contralto, she’s well known for highly poetic lyrics and changing up her musical and visual style from album to album, seldom repeating herself and constantly moving forward. Her latest is charged with socio-political commentary, as Harvey devoted four years to visiting crisis-stricken regions like Kosovo and Afghanistan. Her intention of showing a more positive image of the countries shines through in the music video for Orange Monkey and an accompanying photo album, “The Hollow of The Hand.” Performing new songs and hits such as Let England Shake and The World That Maketh Murder, Harvey and her nine-headed ensemble promise a profoundly thought-provoking and thrilling night.

Aug 10, 20:00, Gasometer.

Sam Jackson
Sam is Metropole's Events Editor and a frequent contributor. He's also a musician and an avid football fan. If he’s not recording or yelling at the television he’ll likely be out and about in town.

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