In our May issue, we teamed up with AustrianStartups to ask twelve Austrian founders to pick their local hero from the startup ecosystem.

Today we feature Diagnosia co-founder Lukas Zinnagl and his hero, Markus Wagner of i5invest.


Lukas Zinnagl / Diagnosia


Lukas_Zinnagel_Nuno-Filipe-OliveiraRole: Co-Founder & CEO
What they do: Diagnosia offers health professionals access to specialist ­information and medical databases. It acts as an international search engine for pharmaceuticals.
Interesting fact: Almost as a side-­effect, Diagnosia is now operating the largest drug search engine in the world, with around four million monthly users.
News: In March 2016 Diagnosia bought the Innsbruck-based medicinal data distributor MedEval


“Besides being an accomplished tech entrepreneur, Markus Wagner is a great business matchmaker, who lives by his global mindset. With the experience Markus gained from the companies he co-founded, including 3United and 123People, he supports countless founders through the incubator i5invest, which he helped build when there was only a handful of startup veterans in Austria.

“Especially when it comes to ‘the next stages’ of developing a business, like the process of expanding overseas, Markus can be a key player.

“For businesses coming from a small country like Austria, that is an important step to large-scale success.”

Markus Wagner / i5invest

MarkusWagnerRole: Founder & Chairman of the advisory board
What they do: The members of i5invest mentor and support European tech companies with corporate development, internationalization, mergers & acquisitions, and fundraising. They have an extensive network of international business angels and VCs. The fund also offers seed financing.
Interesting fact: “i5” stands for the core capabilities and the philosophy of the company: innovate, inspire, incubate, invest and internationalize.
News: Wagner was instrumental in i5invest’s expansion to Silicon Valley in early 2015.



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