My Disruptive Hero: Frederik Debong ☞ Florian Motlik

In our May issue, we teamed up with AustrianStartups to ask twelve Austrian founders to pick their local hero from the startup ecosystem.

Today we feature Mysugr founder Frederik Debong and his hero, Florian Motlik of Codeship.


Fredrik Debong / mysugr


profile-pic-fredrikRole: Co-Founder & Community Relations Lead
What they do: MySugr offers app-­based, all-around care for people with diabetes. The apps and services ease the daily grind of diabetes therapy.
Interesting fact: Almost half of the MySugr employees live with diabetes, many since childhood. One of their advisors is Tim Ferris, author of The 4-hour Work Week. Customers are known to have tattooed the logo on their arms!
News: In April 2016 MySugr began working with Roche, the market leader in blood glucose testing.

“Florian Motlik and I met at the TU and he soon became my mentor – ­despite being several years my junior. A few people can be said to have been the instigators of the scene, but some, like Florian, tend to stay in the background.

“He’s a passionate man, with the ability to inspire and teach, usually with a big smile on his face. Over the years we’ve had great fun as co-founders of STARTeurope (later, JSUG (Java Student User Group) and a dozen other small projects we started for fun. I attribute much of the philosophy and openness of the Austrian ecosystem to his work and inspiration. After a stint in Boston he has now come back to his hometown. Vienna is lucky to finally have him back in its comfortable clutches!”

Florian Motlik / Codeship

FlorianMotlikRole: Co-founder & CTO
What they do: Codeship is a fast, secure and cloud-based continuous delivery platform that lets software developers easily test and deploy their code.
Interesting fact: In 2013, Florian and his Co-Founder Moritz took Codeship to Boston, where they joined the Techstars accelerator.
News: In March of 2015, Codeship raised another $1.5 million, for a total of $4.4 million in funding.



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