My Disruptive Hero: Bianca Gfrei ☞ Hansi Hansmann

In our May issue, we teamed up with AustrianStartups to ask twelve Austrian founders to pick their local hero from the startup ecosystem.

Today we feature Kiweno founder Bianca Gfrei and her hero, business angel Johann “Hansi” Hansmann.


Bianca Gfrei / Kiweno


BiancaGfrei_c-Marko-Maestrovic_H0A5176Role: Co-Founder & CEO
What they do: Kiweno offers do-it-yourself food intolerance tests (which are provided by a certified laboratory), online visualizations and customized tips for the user after taking the test.
Interesting fact: The startup pitched at the “Startup-Challenge” at the Pioneers Festival in 2015 and won its €45,000 prize.
News: On the show 2 Minutes 2 Million, Kiweno was granted a media investment of €7 million for 26% of the company. (Source: Forbes)

Hansi Hansmann has had such a positive impact, not only on our company, but on the entire startup ecosystem. While he hails from an extremely conservative industry (Pharmaceuticals), he has managed to be very open-minded toward change and ­innovation.

“He is one of the busiest people I know, but he’ll always find a way to squeeze in a few minutes to share his advice and insights whenever needed.

“Hansi is never one to point out your weaknesses, instead he empowers your strengths. The fact that I am a young, female first-time founder was never an obstacle to him. On the contrary: I know that I can always count on his support and that he has my back through all of the ups and downs.”

Hansi Hansmann / Business Angel

HansiHansmannRole: Business Angel
What he does: Hansi offers startup cash investments and know-how.
Interesting fact: The startups he invests in call themselves the Hansmen Group
News: His last two investments were in the tooth-brushing app Playbrush (€700.000 together with Speedinvest) and the storage space platform, Storeme; a six-figure investment along with the Swiss Martin Global AG.




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