In our May issue, we teamed up with AustrianStartups to ask twelve Austrian founders to pick their local hero from the startup ecosystem.

Today we feature Product Hunt CTO Andreas Klinger and his hero, Jürgen Furian of Pioneers.


Andreas Klinger / Product Hunt


Andreas_klingerRole: CTO & founding team member
What they do: Based in Silicon Valley, Product Hunt is a well known website within the global startup community that showcases new innovative products as they hit the market.
Interesting fact: Launched in 2013, the website received Series A funding of ­
$7.1 million in 2014 and won the “Best New Startup of 2014” Crunchie Award in February 2015.
News: In March 2016, Product Hunt introduced a topics feature. The roughly 300 topics range from “Productivity,” to “DJ Khaled.”


“To me, ­Jürgen ­Furian and the ­Pioneers team are Austria’s startup heroes.

“Not just ­because they actually kickstarted several of Austria’s biggest success stories, guided several of our most important investors and multiple policy makers, but because they raise expectations. The expectations of what innovation can mean, what people can do, what our future will look like and what young people in CEE can do to get us there faster.

“In 2010 I attended a startup weekend in Pristina, Kosovo. A few presentations were about reestablishing basic infrastructure, or providing better alternatives. This was when I realized that startups can serve a greater purpose. They can move a society and humanity forward.

“That was the first StartupLive event organized by Jürgen Furian and Andreas Tschas. Since then, they have changed names more times than Puff Daddy, but they have stayed true to the core aim: to forge entrepreneurial spirit in Europe’s youth, or as they like to put it, ‘JFDI’ (just fucking do it).”

Jürgen Furian / Pioneers

JuergenFurianRole: Co-Founder
What they do: Pioneers hosts Pioneers Festival, one of Europe’s major conferences for tomorrow’s ideas, bringing together startups, corporates, media and investors eager to support the next big thing. Pioneers also offers funding, mentoring and industry insights.
Interesting fact: The Pioneers founders, Andreas Tschas and Jürgen Furian initially wanted to do something to reduce unemployment in Europe.
News: For the first time in 2016, has an invite- and application-only policy. (Source: In March 2016 Pioneers partnered with Nikkei to launch its first Asian startup conference in Tokyo. (Source:






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