Vienna's new mist cooling system - Sommerspritzer

Vienna’s New Cooling Installations Will Be Called “Sommerspritzer”

+++ Update, July 24 +++

Vienna’s new mist cooling system officially has a name: Sommerspritzer. On July 24, Vienna’s Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) announced the results of the name poll to find a replacement for the rather clumsy term Hydranten-Sprühnebeldusche-Trinkbrunnen (hydrant-spray mist shower–drinking fountain).

A majority of 54% of the 4,235 voting participants chose the winning option. It’s probably safe to assume that Vienna’s ex-mayor, the ever-exuberant Michael Häupl, would have approved the choice.

+++ Original story, July 19 +++

Do you already dread the next dry spell in the city? Fear not, the city of Vienna is transforming its fire hydrants into mist cooling systems with integrated drinking fountains (see picture above). Soon, Vienna’s clear Alpine water will not only flow in its pipes and taps, but will also cool hot heads and pavements on scorching days.

SommerspritzerHowever, the new invention does not have a name yet. And German, being the language of seemingly endless compounds, has so far only yielded Hydranten-Sprühnebeldusche-Trinkbrunnen (hydrant-spray mist shower–drinking fountain).

Luckily, the City of Vienna asks for our opinion to find the best name. And everybody can vote online, so make your voice heard!

Here are the options in German, with our English translations:

  • Wienchill – Vienna chill

  • Wienbrise – Vienna breeze

  • Sommerspritzer – summer spritzer

  • Regenbogenmaschine – rainbow machine

What is your favorite?

The new installations were developed by the MA 31, the municipal department tasked with safeguarding and managing Vienna’s water. Each installation features 34 water nozzles which will spray fine mist on passersby on hot days. The concept makes use of the fact that far more water flows every day towards Vienna via its mountain spring water pipelines than can be used by its citizens – the surplus water is simply funneled into the Danube.

Vienna's new mist cooling system - Sommerspritzer

The installations are also part of a larger framework called “coole Stadt” (cool city), under the aegis of Vienna’s environmental City Councilor Ulli Simma (SPÖ). The goal is to counter rising temperatures and heat build-up, caused by climate warming, with design and planning measures to lower temperatures in an urban environment.

Another notable project in this regard is the “kühle Meile” (cool mile) in Zieglergasse, a street designed to lower average temperatures on hot days with the help of trees, mist cooling, bright pavement and other measures. It is scheduled to be built in the second half of 2019 and may serve as a model for future redesigns of streets.

Vienna's new mist cooling system - Sommerspritzer

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