Time-traveling master racists demonstrate The Horror of the Ordinary in this anarchic theater project

Keeping it surreal since 1997, the performance collective Showcase Beat Le Mot continues to defy the conventions of dramaturgy with a new project featuring time-traveling Nazis, a foam machine, radiation suits and multicolored strobes. Although they might look a bit like your mate’s dad – the one that’s always the last one to leave the pub – the energy they bring to the stage is as meteorically eccentric as it is morbidly curious, making you both look away with embarrassment and stare with fascinated bewilderment. Past performances have seen them prance about in yeti boots and horse tails, create pottery live and gyrate on the floor while samples of Major Lazer’s Pon De Floor blared out.

Alarm Hamburg Shanghai even featured a stage invasion by a leather-jacket-eating Chinese dragon that danced for 20 minutes to pulsating drums and machine noises, eventually shooed away with table-tennis rackets. Their current production takes aim at political correctness, using hyperbolic humor to comment on current and past events with scathing satire: When Wernher von Braun finds the blueprint to a time machine in Albert Einstein’s stolen phone book, four employees of the Reich Chancellery decide to prepare the past for the coming of the Führer, stopping by at the Last Supper, getting pointers on correct saluting from Julius Caesar and fighting alongside “King Arthouse” for Excalibur.


Showcase Beat Le Mot

Nazi Superhumans are Superior to All of You: The Horror of the Ordinary!

Oct 7, 20:00 (German version)
Oct 8, 20:00 (English version)

Tickets: €8 – €16

1., Karlsplatz 5
(01) 587 87 74