Newbly is a news translation service and language learning opportunity that brings you daily updates from Austria’s top outlets such as Kurier and Die Presse in English, Arabic, Romanian, Serbo-Croation and Turkish.

Newbly is a fresh online news platform providing daily updates from major Austrian media, all translated into your native language. The exciting part is that the German and translation are presented next to each other. This means you can both learn about what’s going on in Vienna’s politics, economics and culture, and improve your German at the same time. 

This project aims to lower the language barrier for foreigners who want to consume local news without speaking the local language by translating popular news articles into various other languages. 

The translations are powered by an algorithm that allows you to correct and submit errors in any translations. We’d love to hear from you, so we can improve the translations for everyone else who comes to Newbly for news. If the language is wrong, unclear or misleading, send us a note at [email protected].

Newbly and Metropole are partnering to deliver you a unique language learning opportunity updated news from Austrian newspapers in five languages!


You’ll find translations from German to the following languages: 

Arabic Turkish Romanian English Serbo-Croatian

You can find Newbly translations in the following categories: 

Metropole and Newbly are collaborating to provide more people access to language learning opportunities and news about Vienna. For more information about the collaboration, contact [email protected]