The Radiokulturhaus introduces Britain’s post-jazz scene

Attracting a plethora of talent, London has long boasted a lively jazz scene, with many musicians willing to push the envelope. Four of the most acclaimed artists show how they move past the standards:

Alexander Hawkins (and trio), a pianist whose free jazz interpretations are firmly rooted in jazz and classical lore; the experimental band Polar Bear who frequently bend genres, crossing over into funk, drum ’n’ bass and electronica; Lauren Kinsella and her band Snowpoet, who combine the heavy singer-songwriter influence of the likes of Björk and Tom Waits with her own vocals and spoken word performances of Sylvia Plath and W. B. Yeats;  and the remarkable Sons of Kemet, a percussion-heavy quartet (two drummers) playing funky jazz with African and Caribbean beats.

Presented by Wiener Musik Galerie
Apr 14 & 15, 20:00, Radiokulturhaus
4., Argentinerstraße 30