Art and music collide at this two-day electronic music festival

Kicking off the warm season at MusemsQuartier, Electric Spring both showcases and celebrates the Austrian electronic music scene, with most of the culture center’s venues participating in this free festival. Sponsored by the city (with special participation from the Kunsthalle, whose current exhibition The Promise of Total Automation goes well with electronica) alongside support from the thematically similar sound:frame Festival which kicks off later in the month, this iteration concentrates on the interplay between pop, club music, avant-garde noise and jazz, hoping to show they have more in common than meets the eye.

Among the local heroes joining the fun are Kids N Cats, a Viennese electro-punk band that opens the festival on the main square with new songs and their current single TDP; Crack Ignaz, self-proclaimed König der Alpen (King of the Alps) and Salzburg’s very own answer to Money Boy, whose (hopefully) self-ironic rap persona has received much attention; Kœnig, drummer Lukas König’s blacklit avant-garde hip hop project;  Vienna-based and classically trained Maja Osojnik, performing her experimental pop debut Let Them Grow alongside Partrick Wurzwallner as the duo Zsamm; and the smooth experimental jazz musician Sixtus Preiss, performing with a quartet consisting of  Manu Mayr, Peter Rom and the aforementioned Lukas König.

As curator and music journalist Katharina Seidler (Falter, FM4) puts it, “Club dance floors and avant-garde festivals have more and more in common, and I hope Electric Spring 2016 becomes one such junction. By bringing in co-hosts and collectives onto the individual stages, those people become part of the festival, that make the local scene what it is with their events and projects.”


Electric Spring Festival
7., Museumsplatz 1
Apr 8, 19:00 & Apr 9, 19:30

Free Entry