Straight from the lunatic fringe of cinema, 40 films in search of braaaaaiiiins

Providing fresh meat for fans of unconventional and weird movies, the seventh edition of this offbeat festival is decidedly zombie-centric, kicking off with Austrian filmmaker Dominik Hartl’s apocalyptic comedy Attack of the Lederhosenzombies, followed by a tongue-in-cheek après ski afterparty for the dead. Aside from Hartl’s gory satire of the winter tourist industry and its insatiable hunger for everlasting snow, audiences can look forward to around 40 films from the world over, most of them shown for the first time in Austria. Significant submissions come from South Korea’s thriving mystery and horror film industry, such as the animated zombie thriller Seoul Station, or the live-action Train to Busan, a set-piece zombie action movie. As always, the aspiring undead can take part in the annual zombie flash mob, organized in cooperation with the artist collective monochrome.

Sep 22 – Oct 2, Filmcasino & Gartenbaukino.

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