Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date, as told by Hollywood

With the outgoing first couple’s allure still sky high, this retelling of the Obamas’ early courtship is fortuitously timed. Set in 1989 in Chicago, Tika Sumpter affectionately portrays Michelle Robinson, strong and confident and initially resistant toward young Barack’s (Parker Sawyers) charismatic pursuit of her, as the couple visit an art gallery and eat sandwiches and ice cream in the park.

Keen to make the film as authentic as possible and “explore the spark and all of the little moments that break down the walls and allow us to connect,” first-time writer and director Richard Tanne shies away from hagiography, sticking to frank discussions about faith, family, and ambition.

As their date winds down with an incidental screening of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, it’s easy to see why Tanne couldn’t resist the urge to foreshadow.  

Starts Sep 16, Artis