Imagetanz Festival

Social criticism meets dance at Imagetanz, the annual experimental dance festival

Exploring the symbolism and imagery of dance, the annual Imagetanz festival is still going strong after first taking the stage in 1989. In acknowledgement, this year’s edition kicks off under the motto “Welcome Back,” and opens with The Inheritance, a review of past performances from the last 25 years – with eight alumni re-enacting earlier work from today’s perspective with young artists of their own choosing.

As always, young up-and-comers will be given a platform to present their own shows, exploring topics as diverse as archaic gender roles or the societal perception of “dad bods.” International artists will also grace the stage, with the likes of Swedish choreographer Mårten Spångberg and the Italian performance collective Dewey Dell making appearances.

While Spångberg’s The Internet (pictured above) deals with the impact of the modern digital world on society from social networks to dating apps, Dewey Dell will delve into ancient history, translating the prehistoric murals found at Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc cave in Ardèche, France into motion.

Dewel Dell’s Sleep Technique // © John Nguyen


Imagetanz 2017: What’s New in Choreography?

March 3-25, Brut im Kunstlerhaus
1., Karlsplatz 5


Nicolas Kristen
Born and raised in Vienna, Nicolas studied journalism and is now trying to become a good writer and journalist.

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