Grillparzer’s take on the classic Greek tragedy gets a modern revamp

Austria’s famous playwright Franz Grillparzer’s third and final installation of the Golden Fleece trilogy, Medea reinterprets the conclusion of the ancient Greek saga of the Argonauts as a timeless tale of revenge, vindictiveness, jealousy and exile.

Picking up some time after Jason returns triumphant with the golden fleece, the hero, his wife the witch princess Medea and their two children are living peacefully at the court of King Creon in Corinth. Jason however soon reunites with his former lover, Creon’s daughter Creusa – much to the despair of Medea. Feeling like an outsider in her new home, her rage and jealousy hits a boiling point as her rival begins to raise her children. Further fanning the flames, King Creon banishes her alone from the kingdom.

Abandoned, shunned and betrayed by her own family, Medea erupts – leaving a path of destruction in her wake as she goes on a murderous rampage. No stranger to ancient tragedies, director Anna Badora puts a contemporary spin on Grillparzer’s magnum opus, making sure one thing is certain – don’t mess with Medea.


Supertitles in English.
Dec 6, 15, 21, & 29 and Jan 8, 11, 21 & 27 at 19:30 (additional dates being planned) Volkstheater