Four-Course Travelogue

Dine and drink your way around the globe at Blue Mustard.

A self-proclaimed resto-bar (a pastiche of restaurant and bar), Blue Mustard joined Vienna’s first-district nightlife scene in July, promising to unite fine dining and drinking as harmoniously as gin goes with tonic. Located just off the busy Graben pedestrian zone, they offer international haute cuisine, inspired cocktails, and an ambiance perfectly suited to so-called Bobos, Vienna’s highly discerning bourgeois-Bohemian denizens.

My companion and I meandered down one of Vienna’s charming inner-city alleys, past the famed Café Hawelka, in eager anticipation. Stepping into Blue Mustard, we were transported from Vienna’s tourist-saturated streets to a hip haven of after-dark chic. Stretched out before us was a large bar decorated with neon Gothic arches: St. Stephen’s Cathedral meets Atlantic City. Behind the bar, mixologists were poised to stun with sophisticated cocktails. A map of Vienna in the 1800s illuminated the walls, adding to the atmosphere of the old and venerable mixed with the new and iconoclastic.

A Match Made in Heaven  

My first drink was an aperitif composed of gin infused with Amalfi lemon and lavender. Served in a chilled glass, it even had a sprig of lavender gracing its lip. Elegant as well as refreshing, it tasted just as good as it looked.

© Blue Mustard

Simon Berg the Mixologist explained how the staff infuse their own spirits and create their syrups from scratch. Unusual techniques such as sous-vide (a vacuum-cooking technique) are enlisted to extract flavor from ingredients like the Amalfi lemon I had just sipped.

Their most memorable feature though is the restaurant’s specially designed menu, offering four-course culinary trips around the world for about €80. It changes every six to eight weeks, embarking on different destinations, with custom cocktails paired to enhance each course. For my own journey, I chose Bizkaya to Damascus.

My taste buds were already delighted with my first course: strawberry gazpacho with yogurt and bulgur, paired with a “Milkshake” – buttermilk, vanilla, sherry, and nutmeg. A Venus cocktail accompanied my fish, comprised of mussel juice, white port, parsley and lemon. Third came the lamb, served with a “Mary’s Lamb”: ras el habnout seasoning, date syrup, mint, and mescal. For dessert: mocha mousse, á la mode with almond ice cream and a Kaffee Berber – coffee, cardamom vodka, and chocolate bitters.

The best of both worlds

With a menu designed by Michelin star chef Alexander Mayer and a concept envisioned by impresario Vahe Hovaguimian, it came as no surprise that expectations for the evening were met and even exceeded. The quality of the ingredients was evident and each dish placed before us looked like a work of art. In addition, the cocktails were innovative and thoughtfully designed to complement each course.

Blue Mustard is more than just indulgently delicious. It’s also the perfect boho-chic evening, providing superb ambiance, drinks, and bites. Open until 04:00 on Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant effortlessly transforms from experimental fine-dining to modern bar/lounge, catering to the cocktail connoisseur. And for those on a budget still wishing to sample the menu, their Airstream food truck is located just in front of the main restaurant.

Blue Mustard
1., Dorotheergasse 6-8,
Mon – Thu, 17:00-02:00; Fri & Sat 17:00-04:00
(01) 936 05

The Airstream
(food truck)
Mon – Sat, 10:00-17:00

Julia Zimmerman
Julia hails from sunny California, USA. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Music, she moved to Vienna with the dream of experiencing life in a foreign country. It may have started out as a experimental adventure, but slowly Vienna has become her home. Julia is now pursuing her Masters degree in International Relations. She is passionate about equality, good food, and public transportation.

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