Online Fitness in Times of Quarantine | The Agony of Choice

An E-workout can be an inexpensive alternative to on-the-ground fitness studios and the only available option in lockdown times. From weight reduction to yoga and meditation, paid or free, the online market offers a wide variety on alternatives. The only difficulty is to find the right program for you.

The Coronavirus lockdown has changed the game for anyone who wants to get some exercise: While a healthy lifestyle matters, if anything, more than ever, it is ever harder to achieve.  Fortunately, online fitness providers are there to fill the gap.

To the favorite English fitness apps belong doubtlessly Kayla Itsines combining fitness, yoga and nutrition package. And after having her first child she also serves as an inspirational role model for other young mothers. You need approximately 1/2h daily for the workout, which is divided in 8-minute intensive sessions and cool down units. In addition, the program offers a menu of recipes each day to keep healthy eating interesting.

Free Programs

There are some inspiring free offers on youtube as well. Here you can search by special focus, such as Womens workout channel, Six Pack Abs, Zumba or belly dance. Youtubers offer video training in segments or as one event. The advantage is that the switch can be made easily any time and at no cost. However, we strongly suggest you search for recommendations online before trying workouts, as the quality of the videos vary enormously. The other disadvantage is that you have to search for the desired elements, and put them together individually. But as usual, you get what you pay for. When a service is free, it comes with inconveniences.

From On-the-Ground to Online

Local on-the-ground providers are also alert to the situation and a number have switched to online programs. In Vienna, both Doktor Yoga und Body Concept are now offering good yoga courses online through youtube and zoom. Most of the classes by Body Concept are in English and one class a week is free. Other classes have to be paid in advance starting at €12 per unit to receive a link to join. The systems are not as advanced as the purely online apps, but they do allow you to train with a real person in real time.  

With supply quickly adjusting to demand, we also see myclubs, an umbrella platform for various fitness providers in Vienna, now emphasizing the online offers instead of the on-the-ground programs highlighted before. Every evening at 18:00 pm, they stream a free training lead to support people during lockdown.

Staying fit auf Deutsch

And while you stay fit, you can also practice your German with GetFit Fitness, chosen as the absolute winner among the German-speaking online fitness programs by the DPV (German Product Test Association). “We particularly liked that you get both lifelong access or membership and diet recipes that are really very simple,” concluded the DVP, giving it a 95% performance ratio and 99% weight loss success quota. The offer includes an online training program both for home and fitness studio, and special diet recommendations including simple recipes and a weight control unit. And for a limited time, they offer a life membership for

Another popular app on the German market is Gymondo, with units like BBP, Fatburn, body shaping and many more, so that each user may focus on his or her own goals. Fees are charged monthly, starting at €6.99, with the first month booked for free.

No excuses now! The number and variety of online training programs makes it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the lockdown. And for those who just need to disconnect, you might try the Headspace app, a cure for troubled souls in uncertain times.

(Foto by Unsplash/Jonathan Borba)

Margarita Randl
Margarita Randl was born in Siberia, raised in Europe, firstly in Hungary and then Vienna. For over 20 years she has been living in Vienna, fluently speaking four languages, Russian, Hungarian, German and English. She has a degree in Law and Business Administration and is married to an Austrian. Together they have a 10 year old son, Arman, and a Parson Russell terrier, Massimo. Margarita is involved in her husband's business, enjoys art and is the friendly AWA Marketing and Office Manager. In her spare time, Margarita volunteers for Die Möwe and is an active class parent at her son's school. She reads at least two books per month and is passionate about everything related to a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset. Each day she starts with meditation / Kundalini yoga and ends by reading a book.


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