It’s easy to find treasures when FESCH’MARKT brings them all to one place.

From June 15-17, Vienna’s popular independent design fair descends on the Ottakringer Brauerei, featuring up-and-coming designers. Here are three of our local favorites:


© Richard Palliardi

Popular with Austrian hikers, hunters and fishermen in the ’50s and ’60s, the charmingly retro Kamarg is a robust companion, updated for urban adventurers. Designed in 1949 by a Graz-based leather manufacturer, the original backpack didn’t need much changing: The high-quality leather and canvas withstands the elements and everyday wear and tear with ease. The nearly 100-year-old strap system evenly distributes weight for increased comfort while reducing the need for bulky padding.

The few updates cater to modern living: ropes secure your laptop in the surprisingly spacious yet compact backpack, the soft canvas is fully water-repellent and a rain cover adds even more protection. Adorned with Kamarg’s vintage clocktower logo and available in three classic colors – red, blue and sand – the durable design is trendy yet timeless. Until recently only available at flea markets or your grandparents’ attic, the beloved Austrian backpack is now finally back!


© Lisa Edi

Neubau-based label Glein has a deceptively simple aim: “to create beautiful products.” And beautiful they are! Glein pays special attention to every detail, crafting contemporary apparel, shoes, bags and wallets that are perfect for everyday use and make perfect statement pieces, too. The high-quality raw materials are sourced from established suppliers in Italy, Germany and France and shaped by trusted craftspeople from within the European Union. Take the versatile Derby as an example: made by hand, the unisex shoe is both stylish and comfortable to wear on a daily basis, thanks to soft upper and inner leather and naturally shock-absorbing soles. Their garments are nothing to frown at either: available in two lengths and three understated colors – écru, meteorite and storm gray – their super-soft unisex tees and sweatshirts are ultra-comfy and easily incorporated into your wardrobe.


© Ron Goldstein

In life as in art, striving for balance can seem like an impossible task. Different stimuli constantly demand our attention. Jewelry artist Anna Drexel conceptualized EQUIV as an expression of this pursuit, combining her focus on traditional craftsmanship with the contemporary art influences she picked up during studies in Florence and New York. The result is a beautiful ring collection that showcases balance, individuality and sustainability. What’s more, EQUIV lets you create a unique, personalized ring that embodies your style: Choose from five models which beautifully blend and soften geometric patterns with organically flowing designs. Then select one of seven precious metals, all either recycled or from sustainable sources. Finally, make it truly yours with a natural stone as the centerpiece. Go for Corundum or Aventurine as symbols of determination or courage; or, if you’re in a playful mood, EQUIV’s recycled glass stones are available in “beer,” “prosecco” and “whiskey.