Austria, the Many-Peopled Land

Can Vienna be enriched by the flood of migrants coming to Europe? History suggests that it will.

Launch Party


We had a great time celebrating the first issue of Metropole at our launch party and we’re glad that so many of you were able to join us. Here are a few photos in case you weren’t able to make it, or if your memory was starting to become a bit fuzzy by the end of the night 🙂
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In Pursuit of Purpose: Ali Mahlodji

Arriving in Austria as a refugee, Ali Mahlodji lived in 13 apartments before he was 10 years old, dropped out of school at 18 and worked over 40 jobs before founding Whatchado, a platform that helps people find their calling. Here’s how he found his.

Opinion | Migration Beyond Crisis Mode

Over the past seven years, from Ukraine to Greece, Europe has been in perpetual crisis mode. Now, it is a migration crisis. But to respond effectively, Europe must move beyond crisis mode to understand both what it is facing and what it wants to achieve.

On Becoming Viennese: A Talk with Expat Author Philipp Blom

A prominent historian and Vienna expert gives insight into what Vienna owes to outsiders in a treatise that dips and weaves from the present to the 19th century and into the future.

Editor’s Letter | We the People | October 2015


Editor's LetterNewsrooms around the world are discussing how and when to use the words “refugee” and “migrant.” Terminology is key when it comes to why people are fleeing or seeking a better home. It gives context to their needs and struggle. “Let’s just call them people,” one journalist suggested in late September. What a concept.

Visit either of Vienna’s two train stations where refugees have been arriving over the past few weeks. Beside the tired expressions, it’s hard to differentiate between the helpers and the “migrants.” Only a few months or years ago they would have lived similar lives.

If the “migrants” had come under different circumstances, what would we call them? The term expatriate is vague. Wikipedia defines it as “a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of their citizenship.” But immigrants are people who plan to stay “especially as permanent residents or naturalized citizens.” So if you become a citizen, you’re an immigrant, but if you “reside permanently” you could also be an expatriate?

If you have ever lived outside your home country, you’ve surely encountered this question. Are you an immigrant or an expat?

We’ve approached the topic of foreignness in Vienna in various ways in this first issue of METROPOLE. In our cover story, we take a look at how migration and immigrants have changed Vienna over the past centuries. We’ve found the current statistics about Vienna’s foreign population and profiled four creative expats/immigrants who have launched successful careers in Austria. In our business feature, we spoke to Ali Mahlodji, a former refugee himself whose “career dating” platform has become a startup success story. The How-To section gives newcomers a primer on gaining legal status in Vienna. Spanish ex-foreign minister Ana Palacio examines Europe’s crisis mode and how it affects decisions about refugees.

We look forward to giving our readers insight into what Vienna’s talking about. Let us know what interests you, via social media, email, or at our monthly METROPOLE Salon.

So, by all means be an immigrant, be an expat. But don’t be a stranger.

Keep it real,








Books | Life after Wartime

Elisabeth de Waal’s The Exiles Return depicts the heartbreak of postwar homecoming

Profiles | Expats Making it

Once outsiders, these Viennese creatives have made their experience as immigrants, or their heritage an asset in the workplace.

Opinion | The Price of Paradise

In this increasingly globalized age, we are obsessed with finding the best place to “live.” We are constantly being told that the world is our oyster and that we are the pearls; that with the advances in technology, transportation and communication, we inhabit a global playground.

From our Readers | October 2015

For our first issue we have taken the liberty of creating “letters” from recent conversations and experiences highlighted in METROPOLE’s focus groups. Names have (obviously) been changed.

Ring Around the City: How a Circular Boulevard Changed Vienna

This year is the 150th anniversary of our city’s main thoroughfare. After replacing the 13th-century walls, its palatial majesty transformed Vienna from a cramped fortress into a sophisticated capital of European power.

Scaling the Depths : Annapurna


Dark and funny, this European premiere is set in a remote mobile home in the Rocky Mountains, where the poet and former alcoholic Ulysses lives a secluded life.

Quotes, Stats & Numbers on Foreigners and Expats in Major European Cities | October 2015


A look at foreigners and nationals living in major European Cities compared with Vienna

L’Incoronazione di Poppea

The Theater an der Wien concludes its Monteverdi trilogy with this bloody tale of desire

Marry Me a Little

The Vienna Theatre Project takes on Stephen Sondheim

The Rhythm of the Day

A new study at Vienna’s University of Veterinary Medicine shows how cells change according to daily rhythms, with significant consequences for your health

In With The Old | Antique Shopping in Vienna

A new take on trash reduction, the 48er Tandler (The 48’s Scrap Dealer) is the latest innovation of Vienna’s beloved bright orange-clad MA 48

Cocktails at Miranda Bar & Tür 7

Over the past year cocktail bars have been making a comeback. Tür 7 and the Miranda Bar are individualistic, styled to the nines and still unique in essence and clientele.

Startups: Do You Have it in You?

AustrianStartups’ Daniel Cronin on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Freihausviertel | The Art of Living

True independence comes from within this neighborhood, where high-rent and low-budget meet at every corner. It’s centrally located in the 4th district, not far from Karlsplatz

Chef Konstantin Filippou Shares his Recipe for Prawn Casserole


The acclaimed Greek chef has been on Vienna’s lips since his eponymous restaurant opened in 2013. Here he shares a recipe that reminds him of warm family holidays in Greece.

Your Essential Urban Cheat Sheet for Vienna


It’s those little things that make you feel at home in a new town. While you can’t always have the best solution to the day-to-day qualms of urban life, here is a cheat sheet that will keep you ahead of the game.