Metropole’s party planning tips for the adult child

Just because you’re a responsible “adult” doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t celebrate like a kid. Whether it’s for your birthday, graduation, bachelor/bachelorette party, or just any old Saturday, why not use the occasion to guilt your dearest friends into trying something more juvenile than your typically meh mature soiree?

Sometimes you just need to inject some whimsy into your life! Use our tips to curate a ridiculous day of odd and unbridled entertainment. They will thank you when they see how truly awesome you are. It’s your party, let your individuality shine through!

1. Room escape


At Crime Runners, you and your guests role-play a top-secret mission of dangerous proportions. Channel your inner operative agent as you and your cohorts go about uncovering mysteries by solving puzzles and cracking codes. You have only 60 minutes to search a prepared room for clues and solve the problems through teamwork and communication. If you succeed, you are rewarded with eternal glory (well, at least a great photo). If not, don’t worry – it doesn’t damper the fun, your group will want to strategize for the next adventure. You could search Trip Advisor for alternatives, however Crime Runners’ attention to detail, well-executed puzzles, friendly owners, special effects, and emphasis on the story line make its offer stand out from its competition.

Price Range: €19 – €37.50 per person

Crime Runners
9., Maria-Theresian-straße 3/1a  (map)
(01) 997 29 39

2. Private-island party



Do you dream big? Are you a fan of idyllic vistas and basking in the lap of luxury? You don’t have to wait for your inevitable millions to buy your private island in the sun. Now you can rent one on the fly at Shinakl boat rentals on the wonderful Alte Donau. It is a rare urban privilege to have such a picturesque body of water so easily available. At Shinakl, you can enjoy it to the max. Here you can rent different vessels, in different sizes and for different budgets; from the modest classic paddle boat to the eight-person electric-motor floating island, you have it all at your fingertips. The easy-to-steer sofa boats (for up to four people) and islands are outfitted with a sun umbrella, a chic, cushioned lounge and a dining table – the islands even boast quaint landscaping in the form of some deck space and a faux palm tree. Rent a couple of these and throw a Waterworld-themed party for a post-apocalyptic reflection on our rising oceans.

Price Range: €45 – €60 per hour

Schinakl Boat Rentals
22., Laberlweg 19 (map)
(0) 680 55 349 55

3. Laser Tag


laser tag

An oldie, but definitely a goodie. In the adrenaline-filled, neon intensity of the underworld arena, you are sure to hit your stride alongside your friends – the fellow warriors of your platoon. Adopting “take-no-prisoners” battle tactics, you “shoot” the enemy with the (harmless) laser weaponry provided. Glorious victory comes to only the most organized teams. Be sure to wear some comfortable clothes, follow the rules for safe play, be ready to move fast and expect the unexpected – which might just include a seizure-inducing 90’s era light show.

You’ll be burning calories here, so be sure to finish off the outing with a hearty après-guerre laser meal for your party guests offsite, as the laser arena’s culinary offerings usually include an ungodly amount of frozen snack food. How awesome would it be to dress up in a sad Power-Ranger costume for one of these outings? Perfect for this year’s Halloween celebration! #laseranger

Price range: €10 – €15 per game, per person

MAXX Entertainment
9., Roßauer Lände 45 (map)
21., Holzmanngasse 1 (map)
23., Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse 17/A1  (map)
(01) 996 11 00

For those who want prefer the DIY approach, here are a couple of suggestions that won’t necessarily break your budget.

4. Water-balloon capture-the-flag


water balloons

This classic schoolyard game is slowly becoming a “thing” in the post-adolescent world. On a warm summer day, the addition of water balloons makes the experience unforgettable. You’ll need a good-sized field to play (choose a location where innocent bystanders won’t become casualties). Two teams of four to ten players each defend their half of the field, including a small “sanctuary” zone in which each team’s flags are placed. The goal is to sneak into the opponent’s territory, capture their flags and bring them back to safety without getting eliminated by a water balloon thrown in defense. Once inside the flag sanctuary, attackers are temporarily safe from the melee of balloons and must plot their escape back to their own side of the field. Using speed, wits, and/or trickery is highly encouraged.

I would suggest investing in these crazy things and maybe a wheelbarrow or similar conveyance. (Optional variation: mandate all-white clothing and fill balloons with food-coloring tinted water for a colorful splash) For a dose of playground nostalgia slice up some oranges and cool the Gatorade! [???]

5. Mafia Party


Photo: DeviantArt/ Toasty Tabby


Role-playing death, deceit, organized crime – and you thought this was going to be a birthday party? The party game of Mafia is known by many names (“Werewolf,” among others), but it isn’t just for fourth graders anymore. Adults are really starting to fancy this game up, making their apartments into bloody crime scenes, dressing up in mafia garb, dancing to Frank Sinatra all night long.

The game is played with at least five people and a (sober-ish) storyteller, who sets the stage by inventing any number of settings for the tale – from a 1920’s prohibition speakeasy to a 1980’s Miami drug-cartel warehouse – and moderates the game play. Each player is assigned a secret role – a Mafioso, a civilian, a doctor, a detective, etc. While all players’ eyes are closed, at “night,” the Mafiosi awake to secretly select a victim to “hit.” The next “morning,” the remaining players must use their powers of deduction (and bluffing) to identify (or falsely accuse, depending upon the role played) and “lynch” a Mafia killer. If the Mafia prevails in killing off everyone while avoiding being lynched, they are awarded the victory. If not, justice has prevailed and the townspeople win.

One of the most memorable games I’ve ever played was a famous all-weekend game, where the most dramatic deaths were enacted in real time. We went on vacation with friends to a country house and decided to play a long form of the game that would stretch over 36 hours while we sunbathed, ate, and even slept. The mafia were supposed to kill the unsuspecting vacationers by cornering an unsuspecting player and whispering how and when they will publicly expire. For example, I met my demise when a member of the mafia found me in a hallway on my return from the kitchen with glasses in hand; “You will be poisoned by the wine we are drinking and die in 5 minutes.” Along with a comic poisoning we witnessed a mafia-ordered murder-suicide of star-crossed lovers with pool cue rifles, a fatal bee sting ending in a dramatic pool splash (not quite sure how this equated to murder, fantastic all the same.) A faux after dinner heart attack in which an actor friend’s role-play was so convincing meant that some players forgot the game all together and scrambled to phone an ambulance before their efforts were thwarted by reality. Yes, it got that real. This game can be nothing short of an epic experience, but take the time to explain the rules and feel free to tailor it to your group or gathering.