“People Want to Change”: 70,000 Climate Tickets Sold

“People want to change and travel in a climate-friendly way. And with the KlimaTicket, we are demonstrating how it can be done.”

From 26 October, all climate ticket holders will be able to travel on all public transport throughout Austria. The Environment Minister is delighted.

This year’s national holiday is also the kickoff date for the climate ticket: As of October 26, all owners can use it on all public transport throughout Austria. Advance sales started on October 1.

70,000 people have already taken advantage of the “early bird” price of 949 euros, or 699 euros for those qualifying for discounts. The ticket will be available at the introductory price until October 31 at klimaticket.at and at all counters of ÖBB, WESTbahn, and the participating transport associations.

Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens): “Tomorrow the climate ticket starts in Austria. And the advance sales figures confirm this: People want to change and travel in a climate-friendly way.” Climate protection can only succeed if we work together, she said.

“And with the KlimaTicket, we are demonstrating how it can be done.” Around half (37,100 or 53 percent) are classic ClimateTickets. Twenty-nine percent went to youth (20,300), 16% to seniors (11,200) and 2% are KlimaTicket Spezial (1,400).

“With one ticket for all public transport throughout Austria, we can simply get on and go. I have already bought my ticket – and for all those who want one, the climate ticket is still available until 31 October at an EarlyBird discount,” stressed the head of the department.

With the discount, the regular climate ticket costs 949 instead of 1095 euros. The discounted ticket – for seniors, everyone under 26, and people with disabilities – is available for 699 instead of 821 euros.

Publisher of original article: diepresse.com

Written by: Die Presse
Published on: Mon Oct 25 03:52:00 GMT 2021
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