photoshoot nostalgia

Nostalgia, The Seductive Liar

We retreat into nostalgia for comfort, for the feeling of being in a time period that is better than the present.

We project meaning, romance and allure onto objects and settings in an attempt to flee our uncomfortable realities.

For the nostalgia issue, we visited one of Vienna’s most treasured small theaters, the Ateliertheater. Opened on the Naschmarkt in 1932, it didn’t make it to its current location on Burggasse until 1999. So all the old-school charm and vintage feel is fabricated, but – as with all good memories – the factual details aren’t what make it feel real.

Fashion Editor Ali Rabbani //

Photographer Maria Ritsch //

Assistent Magdalena Jurisic

Styling Lana Sharp & Jessica Bama //

Makeup Lila Sasvari //

Collage Artist Ben Reyer

Models Jessica Bama, Theophil Bousek, Ben Reyer, Lana Sharp

Location Ateliertheater //

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