Planting Seeds of Home

Project Home re-thinks the traditional definition of home as a concept shaped by our experiences, rather than a physical place.

Home can mean different things to different people – to some, it is a person, others, a memory or a place. METROPOLE is cooperating with the Seeds of Home project, which collects and re-shares personal stories on the meaning of home from a plethora of Vienna residents, as a way of deconstructing our often too-limited preconceptions revolving around the term.

Is the place we grew up necessarily our home? Is it where we were born, or where we end up? Or is it a feeling that can be re-created in another place, in another time? Seeds of Home would like to give a voice to anyone who has relocated, by choice or otherwise, or struggled for any reason with the traditional definition of what it means to belong. 

The project, guided by Max Haarich and colleagues of the American Arts Incubator and Ars Electronica, functions as a virtual-reality garden, where submitted stories are added – or rather, planted– as a symbolic dandelion, which is then added to a map of Vienna, marking places where the participants feel at home. You can participate in a variety of ways – by planting your own dandelion; visiting physical home spotsand discovering what other people consider home; or simply experiencing others’ stories and thoughts on the subject. 

To participate, just upload your Vienna personal “home” experience here by October 31! 

And if this topic speaks to you, don’t forget to check out Metropole’s own Home is Where the Herz Is project here.

Elifnaz Kabalci
Elifnaz Kabalci is a recent graduate of English and American Studies at the University of Vienna and is currently doing her Master's degree in English Linguistics. Besides being involved in journalistic writing, she is also a creative writer and a poet.

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