Playgrounds for Foodies

The pandemic saw demand for regional food skyrocket, catapulting Vienna’s markets into the limelight.

1. Schlingermarkt – Oasis beyond the Donau

As the clock tower atop the 1920s Gemeindebau Schlingerhof watches faithfully over locals buying groceries, a group of students from the University of the Applied Arts swap succulents and chili cuttings with plant enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. It’s a typical scene at this beloved hot spot at the heart of Floridsdorf, where patrons come to shop, enjoy a Spritzer among the impressive collection of metal signs at the charming Steh 8erl or grab a hearty Backhendl (fried chicken) with a choice of cucumber, pickle or potato salad at the nearest Imbiss. During the day, a visit to Feinkost Schlingermarkt will get you a brimming container of fresh and a ordable Levantine lunch, prepared with love and a healthy serving of market gossip. A coffee at EVA, a store on the perimeter selling delectable Romanian sausages, cheeses, local crafts and even wine on tap, perfectly rounds off the experience.

Best finds: buffalo yogurt, dried rose hips

21., Floridsdorfer Markt (Schlingermarkt)

Mon-Fri 6:00-20:00
Sat 6:00-18:00

Schlingermarkt (C) Emma Hontebeyrie

2. Brunnenmarkt – The longest permanent street market in Europe

Walking along Brunnenmarkt is a maximalist, multi-sensory experience that feels like traveling the world while remaining in Ottakring. With over 170 market stalls spread over 948 meters, there’s something for everyone, from a ordable fruit and vegetables to Turkish and Arabic specialties, spices, and fresh-picked mushrooms and truffles. Right next door is Yppenplatz, an up-and-coming Grätzl in its own right filled with sunny street cafes like Frida and rooftop bars like Wirr, beckoning with brunch and people-watching. Stalls change regularly, but some experiences are unmissable: Try taking a seat amid the bustle for a revitalizing Syrian tea break. Once refreshed, stop by Hammoud Imbiss for some warm flatbreads directly from the Tandoor grill or pick up a fresh cheese Börek, expertly made by the hands of Bosnian babas (grandmas). Along with massive bunches of herbs, seasonal produce is always vocally advertised, making it easy to bring home.

Best finds: Japanese Nashi pears, truffles

16., Brunnengasse

Mo-Fr 6:00-21:00
Sat 6:00-18:00

Brunnenmarkt (C) Emma Hontebeyrie

3. Viktor-Adler-Markt – Warmth among the city bustlerunn

With its modular, shaded stalls and neighborly purveyors, Viktor-Adler-Markt sticks out in sharp contrast to the modernized shopping experience on Favoritenstraße. Lovingly nicknamed “Platz 1” by locals, it boasts an impressive selection of fresh produce, along with a diverse range of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean delicacies and spices. The friendly stall owners are known to relish hard bargaining, even handing out a sweet treat to seal the deal, if you’re lucky. Be sure to check out the unmissable green stall at the center, famous for its Sarma cabbage leaves stuffed with a seasoned mix of rice, ground beef, pork and ham. With a plethora of pickled products and huge barrels of sauerkraut, it’s easy to lose track of time there while chatting with the stalls’ salespeople. For the sweet-toothed, Gharnata is a veritable candyland with lots of single-wrapped sweets, from Turkish delight to nougat and pistachios.

Best finds: flower pollen, Bohnenkraut (summer savory)

10., Viktor-Adler-Markt

Mon-Wed, Fri 6:00-19:30

Thu 6:00-21:00
Sat 6:00-18:00

Viktor-Adler-Markt (C) Emma Hontebeyrie

4. Kutschkermarkt – For the finer things in life

Some may recognize Kutschkermarkt from its Genusspfad, a twice-yearly gourmet festival showcasing the newest and best its vendors have to offer. But even on a normal day, this small, but mighty, market is an absolute foodie paradise, home to rare delicacies, big-name vendors and regulars with discerning taste.

Take, for example, kebab world champion Hüseyin Tanis, who often personally serves his juicy Döners from his eponymous stall. As if that weren’t enough, he also o ers an incredible selection of some of the best cuts in Austria, from mature X.O. beef to wagyu and dry-aged steaks. On weeknights, the market stall opposite Takan’s Fischrestaurant is the place to go for after-work oysters and a glass or two of wine, while Poehl & Mayr has the best to offer for your next fancy picnic.

Best finds: foie gras, lobster

18., Kutschkermarkt

Mon-Fri 6:00-19:30
Sat 6:00-17:00
Gastronomy Mon-Sat 6:00-21:00

Kutschkermarkt (C) Emma Hontebeyrie

5. Vorgartenmarkt – Where the hip things are

Right in the heart of the formerly seedy Stuwerviertel, this market has gradually changed its image along with the rest of the neighborhood, going from problem area to a favorite among students, hipsters and young families alike with its predominantly organic produce and up-and-coming culinary vendors.

Eateries in particular have flocked here, with Mochi leading the way in 2017, initially with a ramen bar, followed by its concept store Mochi am Markt in 2020. Another place worth visiting is Das Ferment, a fun and innovative gastro startup with a fermentation-forward menu: Be sure to try its vegan Koji Burger, a novel taste that rewards the brave. Last but not least, the Pizzeria il Mercato’s authentic Italian pies, burnished crust and all, are best eaten hot and fast, either among the market’s signature modernist mosaics or on an evening stroll along the bank of the Danube, just a few minutes away.

Best finds: artisanal tempeh, caviar rarities

2., Vorgartenmarkt

Mon-Fri 6:00-21:00
Sat 6:00-18:00
Eateries Mon-Sat 6:00-23:00

Helena McFadzean
Helena McFadzean
With a background in philosophy and art history, Helena is currently an editorial intern at Metropole while completing her MA in Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She enjoys writing dynamic stories in which disciplines, people and cultures meet. You can usually find her experimenting with sourdough recipes, visiting exhibitions or shooting film over at @honourrolll.

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