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pp. 12-17 – For the Sake of Art
Does culture still matter in a world where big money defines value? As the art market increasingly resembles the commodities trade, aesthetics can get lost. A report on the status quo.
by Dardis McNamee


TOPSHOTS-GREECE-EUROPE-MIGRANTSp. 18-20 – Europe Still Needs Migrants

The current influx of refugees and migrants is an opportunity to offset the European Union’s aging demographics and labor shortages.
by Giles Merritt



(C) Shutterstockp.26-27 – How to be a Bohemian in Vienna:

With lots of public funding programs, budding and established artists can keep starving to a minimum.
by Nina Prader Jobstp.28-31 – Behind the Gallery Walls

Hosting a blockbuster art exhibition can be an extremely tricky affair, with insurance, transportation, and elaborate deals to be considered.
by Andrew Standen-Raz



SOURCEp.32-33 – Conspiring with the Unknown

Former president of the European Research Council Helga Novotny advocates seeing uncertainty in a positive light, as an enabler of versatility in an ever-changing world.

by Rory McCluckie



CMP_0941p.40-41 –Scenes of Vienna: Politics Killed the Radio Star

As the ORF decides to sell off the historic Radiokulturhaus, supporters gather to protest and pay tribute to a great cultural institution.
by Andrew Standen-Raz



63-64_MET_15_12_ontheroad_zettersfeld2_(c)Lienzer Bergbahen - Martin Luggerp.63-64 – Christmas Cabin Fever

Only accessible by cable car, Zettersfeld is a gem of a ski resort in the Dolemites.
by Christian Cummins




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