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It’s been a hundred years since the Habsburg Empire dissolved. In autumn 1918, the Empire disintegrated into nation states, many of them newly independent republics. The book you are about to hold in your hand tells their story.

In the year 2018, Metropole the Viennese English-language magazine embarked on the year-long reportage project Empire to Republic. We cooperated with news outlets and individual journalists from Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Italy, Serbia and Montenegro. Using photos, interviews and first-hand experiences, they portrayed Central Europe, as it evolved over the last 100 years and as it is today. They show us different places, yet speak about one shared history.

Table of Contents:

Preface | THE PLACE OF CENTRAL EUROPE TODAY |by Dr. Erhard Busek
Intro | EMPIRE TO REPUBLIC | by Benjamin Wolf
Map | AUSTRIA-HUNGARY & CENTRAL EUROPE | by Karin Dreher & Benjamin Wolf
Food | ACQUIRED TASTES | by Corinna Berger
Design | THE ARCHITECTURE OF AN EMPIRE | by Simon Ballam

I Austria
II Slovakia
III Czechia
IV Hungary
V Slovenia & Croatia
VI Ukraine
VII Romania
VIII Poland
IX Bosnia and Herzegovina
X Italy
XI Serbia
XII China
XIII Montenegro


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