What Austrian Media Wrote About in August 2017

A quick-and-dirty synopsis of last month’s Austrian News.

Austria’s Football and Volleyball Teams Finish Strong

At the European Women’s Football Championship in the Netherlands, Austria’s team made it to the semifinals, sparking widespread enthusiasm from their countrymen (and -women) who are unaccustomed to football glory. Shortly after, it was the men’s time to shine as Austria’s duo of Clemens Doppler and Alexander Horst eked out an excellent silver medal at the Beach Volleyball World Championship in Vienna.

Need to know

The self-declared “sport nation” Austria is alive and kicking.

What others said

“I will get my shirt signed, framed and hang it on the wall. I hope I can tell my children about it one day.” – Nina Burger, captain of the Austrian women’s football team.

Election Campaigns Heat Up

austrian news
Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz. // © Courtesy of ÖVP

While Austrians relaxed at the beach, the campaigns for the parliamentary elections on October 15 heated up. Irmgard Griss, erstwhile candidate for the Austrian presidency, officially joined the Neos, stating, “We found each other.” Meanwhile, anti-corruption fighter and long-term parliamentarian Peter Pilz parted ways with the Greens after over 30 years to found his own Liste Pilz. The ÖVP’s great hope Sebastian Kurz was faced with allegations of manipulating a study on Islamic kindergartens in Vienna. The SPÖ presented its campaign slogan “Take what you’re entitled to,” just to see one of its campaign consultants arrested over a fraud probe in Israel shortly after. The former chairman of Team Stronach, Robert Lugar, defected to the FPÖ, effectively disbanding his former party. And legendary local comedian Roland Düringer managed to collect enough signatures to run on his own grassroots platform G!lt.

Need to know

Austrian politics continue to surprise with unexpected absurdities. Also, the ÖVP’s Kurz is still comfortably in the lead.

What others said

“First thing in the morning, I solve a Sudoku.” – Alexander Van der Bellen, Austria’s president, not intending to adopt U.S. President Trump’s Twitter habits.

Google Street View Hits Austrian Roads

Austrian news
The Streetview cars are coming. // © John Karakatsanis

Since mid-July, Google’s camera laden cars are roaming Austria’s roads and alleys with Vienna, Graz and Linz first on the list. Austria was hitherto a white spot on Google’s interactive maps, due to a ruling by the country’s Austrian Data Protection Authority (DKS) in 2010. In April 2011, the DKS gave the green light under three conditions, but Google started only now – on the 10th anniversary of its Street View service. In order to preserve people’s privacy, faces will be pixelated; houses can be too, upon request.

Need to know

Soon you’ll be able to show your friends and relatives abroad a 360-degree view of your neighborhood.

What others said

“According to section 28 (1) of the Austrian data protection act, the data subject has a right to object if the use of said data is not authorized by law.” – Austrian Data Protection Commission.

Austrians Eat More Than Americans … and Everyone Else

Austrian news
Austrian’s eat more than anyone else. // © Umami

Austria overtook the United States in food consumption and now has the highest kcal per capita in the world, according to Max Roser’s Our World in Data platform. On average, Austrians take in 3,768 kcal per day, compared with 3,682 kcal for Americans; that’s a big breakfast (700 kcal), soup and schnitzel with potatoes for lunch (1,400 kcal), a hearty Jause in the afternoon (1,000 kcal) and delicious, sugar frosted Kaiserschmarrn for dinner (668 kcal). Interestingly, however, only 14.7 percent of Austrians are obese, compared with 38.2 percent in the U.S. Within a healthy, balanced diet, a man needs around 2,500 kcal a day to maintain his weight. For a woman, that figure is around 2,000 kcal. Mahlzeit!

Need to know

Austrians can seemingly eat and stay slim – so dig in! But don’t forget to go skiing or hiking once in a while.

What others said

“Serve the Spritzwein!” – Michael Häupl, Vienna’s mayor and infamous gourmand, after coalition negotiations concluded for the city government in 2010.


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