Rachel Whiteread, Creator of Vienna’s Holocaust Memorial, Returns for a Major Exhibit

The celebrated British sculptor gets her first extensive review in Austria.

Best known in Vienna for her Holocaust memorial on Judenplatz, Turner-prize winner Rachel Whiteread is one of the most recognizable sculptors of her generation, creating grand experiment in negative space, often on a grand scale and in public places like London’s Trafalgar Square.

Primarily working with industrial materials such as plaster, concrete and resin, her famous molds range from negatives of hot water bottles to furniture and entire rooms. Aiming to reinforce memories and experiences by giving her creations stillness and urgency, 70 pieces from throughout Whiteread’s career will be shown, including highlights like Closet and Mantle.

At the core of the exhibit is Untitled (Room101), a cast of the BBC’s room 101, believed to be the template for George Orwell’s infamous torture chamber in his book 1984. “When you see Whiteread’s Untitled (Room 101) in the context of her other monumental works such as Ghost, House or the Holocaust memorial in Vienna, the political, social, biographical and ethical dimensions of her art become manifestly apparent,” says Harald Krejci, curator of the exhibition.

In addition to the art, there is an opportunity to meet the artist, during a talk with curator Ann Gallagher on June 6. English tours of the exhibition can be booked a week in advance.

Through Jul 29, Belvedere 21. 3., Arsenalstraße 1. belvedere21.at

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