From our Readers | April 2018

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To the Editor,

Congratulations on your commentary on immigration that I read at first when I received your paper. I read it with growing excitement because it is right on the point. I’ve passed it on to all my friends. For a long time, I’ve been convinced that an over-fulfilled political correctness is doing a lot of damage to our society. As you said, we today have to commit and accept, perhaps with regret, that the FPÖ is right in its view of immigration. Congratulations to the development of Metropole as well. This is a really good magazine. It has a good mixture of topics, looks really great and from issue to issue is becoming more dynamic. I am looking forward to the next issue.

Robert Buchacher (Profil), Vienna

To the Editor,

Following your remarks about Bertha Zuckerkandl at the recent Metropole  Salon, I wanted to call your attention to the book The Age of an Insight , by Nobel Prize winner Eric R. Kandel. This is where I found out about the discoveries in clinical and pathological studies accomplished by experts from Vienna School of Medicine as early as the mid-19th century. I realized that so many of these Viennese artists, writers and scientists met in the Zuckerkandl Salon, so that a series of multidisciplinary lectures emerged, where distinguished luminaries could learn, for example, how a single cell is fertilized to develop into a fetus and then into infant. This perspective puts [Gustav] Klimt into post-Darwinian and pre-Freudian cultural matrix… There are many mysteries hidden behind its chapters.

Vid Jeraj, Vienna

To the Editor,

Having read another of Simon Ballam’s fine wine pieces, this time on comparative tastings of related wines, I wanted to call your attention to the very small Koval Distillery in Chicago owned by Dr. Robert Birnecker, an Austrian native who offers a bourbon whiskey – both organic and kosher – that is 51% corn whiskey and 49% millet, which supposedly gives it a special smoothness. I continue to enjoy my hard copies of Metropole . Interesting reading and lightyears more exciting graphically than anything I see here. For some reason our designers seem to think that creative graphic treatment must, by definition, be illegible. One of the things I treasure in Metropole is haut dessin that does not require me to stand on my head to read the text. It really is outstanding.

Arthur Einstein, Stuart, Florida

Dear Metropole,

I am a new subscriber to Metropole magazine and found this issue on nostalgia to be fascinating and amazingly informative. A wonderful job by your staff and writers. My nostalgia to Vienna arises from spending a year as a young music student in Vienna – including being present at the Bernstein- Mahler concerts in 1972. Your magazine is bringing back wonderful memories and a wealth of new information on your wonderful city. I look forward to reading many more issues. Thank you.

JMARYN, in response to our Nostalgia issue, MET December / January, 2017 / 2018


In “Extending the Season”, we wrongly placed Hotel Laurin in Hochsölden. It is, of course, in Hochgurgl in the Ötztal.


The Editors
The Editors
This was written by the Metropole editorial Team. Sometimes its an expat, sometimes a native, most of the time the lines are blurred, and sometimes we're sharing someone else's content, but we always say so. Oh yeah, and buy our magazine! Thanks.

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