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Dear Metropole staff,

Thank you for this wonderful and informative article on Maestro Bernstein and his relationship to Vienna and its music. Bernstein’s accomplishments and artistry are legendary. On a personal note, I was fortunate to be a music student in Vienna during the 1972 Bernstein-Mahler concert series and remember the excitement that Mr. Bernstein brought to Vienna, featuring the symphonies of Mahler with the amazing Vienna Philhamronic Orchestra in the glorious Musikverein. This is a great way to be nostalgic. Thank you.

JMaryn, in response to ”Lenny & Vienna“, MET December | January, 2017 | 2018

Dear Metropole staff,

I worked on the Presidential campaign here in Austria in 2016. In May, I found myself standing alone in front of the Donauzentrum handing out Van der Bellen flyers a week before the election. I took some real abuse from complete strangers, not just being pushed down but spit on and called names more times than I could count. Before the campaign ended, by the third time, I had put 10,000 flyers in 10,000 hands. That first week was the worst but up until the end there was always hate to deal with. I guess that’s why the word “lingering” got to me. Thanks for what you have written and have a beautiful day.

MARK LONG, on Facebook in response to ”Harassing the Rich? Seriously?“, MET February 2018

Dear Metropole staff,

After having lived here for the past five and a half years I find that I was totally unaware of this publication until someone handed the December/January 2017 edition to me outside the Floridsdorf underground station. I have since discovered that I can buy it in at my local Tabak. I was surprised that they actually had at least three copies for sale. As a native speaking English teacher I find this encouraging. I see also that your articles are also intelligently written and as an ex-feature writer I was further encouraged by the fact that they were not unduly influenced by advertising. I am now a happy reader and will continue to buy it on a regular basis and promote it amongst my colleagues and English speaking friends. Thank you for an interesting read.

David Menham, via e-mail

To the editor,

The newest issue – completely redesigned and more – of Metropole merits congratulations – a superb job (with a few surely-to-be-corrected exceptions which come with any major makeover!). The contents pages are inviting and thoroughly helpful, stories are short(er) and to the point (good editing!), illustrations appropriate and well handled, overall, something for everyone, those who live in Wien and those here on a relatively short visit. Metropole in its new styling is a clear and decided step forward and should attract more readers – and advertisers. Adverts too – such as those for the CAT train to and from the airport and the Survival Guide for Health in Vienna – can be informational and particularly helpful for residents and tourists alike! And your printer Berger has done you proud.

Best wishes,

Mark Andrew Hamilton, commenting the redesign of Metropole

To the editor,

Congratulations on another interesting edition of Metropole and I found the issue’s theme, Democracy the Austrian Way, both timely and relevant. Austria is in for some interesting times following the recent election, although I feel and hope that they will not be as controversial as some might fear. I must say as an Australian living in beautiful Austria and not being able to vote either there or here, my interest in politics is not dampened in any way. As a former political journalist who reported both state (provincial) and national politics in Australia over a number of years, I tend to be drawn to politics both here and elsewhere.

I often wonder how people cannot be drawn to what is happening in their own backyard, on our borders and much further away. There are those who fear a swing to the Right here as evidenced in Poland and Hungary. Then there is the U.K. just across the Channel, where a lack of effective government and Brexit leaves many in wonder about what is going to happen next.

Then, of course, there is the great US of A. One can only wake each morning and reach for the phone or computer to see what amazing occurrence or tweet in Washington D.C. is attracting world attention and disbelief today. Years ago, I worked in Washington, where things were always interesting politically. Interesting yes, but not mad, unbelievable or so confusing and contradictory, often laughable and sometimes frightening.

But then again I only have to look to my home country to have similar feelings. Our conservative and right-leaning government sometimes shows itself as being totally out of touch with the real world, a non-caring factional government, especially when dealing with refugees. There can be funny moments too, like late in January, when someone bought a discarded filing cabinet from a furniture store only to discover that inside were secret government documents from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the bureaucracy’s most senior division.

It sounded like the plot of a bad sitcom but these were some of the most secret documents that the Australian government creates, usually locked up for 20 yearsbefore being released to the public due to their sensitivity. New laws currently being introduced in Australia will make it a crime for anyone to read or report on such documents no matter how they are received. Made me wish I was still reporting politics in Canberra – for a few seconds.

Finally, I also want to say how much I appreciate your recent addition of Media Monitor. For one whose German is often not sufficient to absorb the local media, this is a plus.

BRETT BAYLY, by email

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