What Austrian Media Wrote About in April 2017

A quick and dirty synopsis of last month’s headlines in Vienna

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Austria’s Richest Man Seeks Truth

Red Bull tycoon Dietrich Mateschitz is partnering with Michael Fleisch­hacker (former Editor in Chief of Die Presse and nzz.at), Niko Alm (former NEOs MP), Rainer Fleckl (formerly of News), Judith Denkmayr (formerly Vice Alps) to provide a “journalistic answer to the rampant culture of mistrust.” The Austrian daily Kleine Zeitung reported that it is planned as an open-source multimedia research platform.

Need to know
Mateschitz invested most of a €1 million ticket into the private foundation “Quo Vadis Veritas.”

What others said
“Didi Mateschitz seems like Frank Stronach dressed as Felix Baumgartner at a senior center Mardi-Gras.”
– Florian Scheuba, Austrian comedian

Work Council for Food Delivery Service

The German food delivery startup Foodora has about 300 bicycle riders, who cycle around Vienna with orders from popular restaurants across Vienna, who don’t provide their own delivery service. In April the riders founded a work council (Betriebsrat) with the goal of negotiating an agreement with Foodora’s management. “We want better working conditions like extra fees for particularly difficult routes at night or during winter,” said Adele Siegl, chairwoman of the work council.

Need to know

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Foodora is one of many bike-riding food delivery services in Vienna. Foodora riders formed a works council in Vienna: an industry first.


What Others Said
“In times when inglorious measures are taken to avoid the founding of work councils by any means – think Müller or Servus TV – this success is particularly praiseworthy,”
– Karl Delfs, Secretary for the Street Department of the service workers union Vida.

graph religion distribution

700,000 Muslims in Austria

An updated estimate by the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) estimates that there are currently approximately 700,000 people of Muslim belief living in Austria, accounting for around 8 percent of the population. Exact numbers are difficult to determine, since the last census was conducted in 2001.

Need to know
Currently about 700,000 Muslims are estimated to live in Austria.

What others said
In countries where Muslims are a minority, the population shows a tendency to overestimate the percentage of Muslims by a factor of three on average.
– Ipsos Group S.A (French Market research company)

No Kino Unter Sternen this Summer

The organizers of Kino unter Sternen (Cinema Under the Stars) on Karls­platz decided to cancel this year’s festival. Curator Judith Wieser-Huber justifies this step by pointing at the changes made in public festival funding. Since the distribution of the money will most likely be “across a large number of events,” she says they “have to expect that our funding will be cut.”

kino unter sternen
©Kino unter Sternen

Therefore, it is impossible to plan strategically. Saving money and keeping the quality of the event high cannot go hand in hand.


Need to know
In 2017 there will be no Kino unter Sternen at Karlsplatz. This is not the ultimate end for the festival. The organizers will re-evaluate next year.

What Others Said
– Open-air movie lovers

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