Make Your own Linguine Like Il Bio, the Beloved Italian Bistro on Vienna’s Burggasse

The darling micro-eatery Il Bio is Italian home cooking at its Austrian best.

In the 7th district set on a little slice of Burggasse stands a well-kept Viennese secret.

Since 2009 Andrea and Roland Prinz have been running Il Bio to the delight of its loyal patrons, many immortalized in the countless picture frames on the dining room walls. A small authentic north-Italian restaurant and delicatessen, Il Bio specializes in dishes from the Fruili Venezia Giugli region bordered by Carinthia, Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea.

Inspired by childhood summers there and later trips with their own kids, the couple learned the lifestyles and taste of the region. Sixteen years ago, they took over a delicatessen, taking the leap from their respective careers as golf journalist and optician and pursuing their passion for food, eventually culminating in their current restaurant.

In tune with the endearing and eclectic décor, the handwritten menu is kept small but choice: Fine antipasti and classic Italian dishes compliment the Fruili delicacies. Wines, cheeses, oils and pastas are all carefully sourced from anywhere down the boot, from Trieste to Naples, while the vegetables come from a local farm in Lower Austria and are marinated in house. Schiopettino, a little-known red wine originating close to the Slovenian border is one of many revelations here.

The dish they’ve shared is a favorite at the restaurant and a testament to classic Italian cooking – using few ingredients is the key and quality is paramount.

Il Bio’s charm is simple and Roland and Andrea’s hospitality exceptionally warm and low-key.  From the chequered table clothes to the bread pouches, the home-spun feeling is contagious. They clearly love what they do.

Il Bio

7., Burggasse 50

Tue-Sat 6:00-10:00

Sun, Mon, Holidays closed

01 876 87 72


Linguine al Udinese

Dice the onion into small pieces and lightly brown in
the pan. Cut prosciutto and sun-dried tomatoes finely before mixing in, adding salt and pepper and cooking for 2 minutes. Then add the cream and cook for a further 5-7 minutes. Stir in the linguine and sprinkle with poppy seeds.

Serve with love!

Ingredients (Serves 4)

400g linguine

1 small white onion

100g Prosciutto Crudo

100g sun-dried tomatoes

250ml cream [the thickest you can get – Il Bio get theirs from the U.K.!]

olive oil

salt, pepper and poppy seeds


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