In-Dish | Rediscovering the Spice of Life

The Wiener Reopening Woche saw the Indian fusion eatery In-Dish welcome patrons back with resounding success

As quarantine wound down in Vienna, the prospect of eating out was among the most anticipated measures, with special events like Culinarius’ reopening week (May 25-31) leading the way with special offers and set menus at select eateries. Among the popular hotspots was the popular Indian fusion restaurant In-Dish, which invited reviewers and guests to reacquaint themselves with their savory and sweet delicacies – and don’t forget the spice!

With perfect weather enabling the Viennese predilection for outdoor dining, In-Dish’s sidewalk seating overflowed with hungry patrons, luring passers-by with smells of tandoor and masala. It was a more casual crowd than usual, mostly couples and families and without the many concertgoers who often stop by after a performance at the nearby Musikverein and Konzerthaus – the government’s incremental reopening measures are slow to open after 88 days of silence.

Our waiter was gregarious, eager to chat after months serving strictly takeout with little to no customer interaction. We swapped stories about India, comparing South Asia’s jubilant eating culture with Vienna’s tradition of meals full of appreciation. After 20 minutes, we were finally ready for a wide sampling of In-Dish’s latest and greatest. Naturally, I was inclined to order each dish “Indian Spicy,” lest I be labelled with Austrian spice tolerance. Fortunately, In-Dish’s exceptional mango chutney sides helped me out of several fixes.

To get in the mood, we started with an Onion Bhaji appetizer, carefully crisped and covered in pureed chickpeas and spice. To follow it up, a sampling of In-Dish’s specialties: the Tikka Trilogy — chicken breast marinated in cashew-nutmeg, mint and tandoori, respectively — alongside a Lamb Rogan Josh curry paired with fluffy basmati rice and crispy garlic naan. The curry was creamy and spicy, with almond slices atop thick pieces of exquisite tender lamb that fell apart in my mouth. The Tikka Trilogy rivaled The Godfather, with its distinct and suspenseful spice variations leaving me guessing with every bite. Quite the sumptuous feast – after all, quarantine left us starved in more ways than one!

Paired with a Weißer Spritzer and splendid company, it felt almost abnormal – a fitting end to almost three months spent behind closed doors. Count me in again, with the patio seating please!


1., Schwarzenbergstraße 8

Mon–Fri 11:00-14:30 & 17:00–22:00
Sat-Sun 17:00-22:00

(01) 941 28 01

Ryan Powell
Ryan is a journalist and digital product manager, currently managing products and projects for Metropole. He oversees corporate publishing projects, product development, hosts a video show now and again, and writes as often as time allows!

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