Mental Health Support for Under-18s

Each of us thrives on our social relationships, knowing our family is safe and healthy and having a routine and productive life. COVID-19 upended each of these usual comforts, and along with it our mental health.

Rat auf Draht

Hotline for children provides a point of contact problems, questions and crisis situations facing children, youth and their caregivers. Their team includes psychologists, life and social advisors, psychotherapists and lawyers. If you’re in need of support, you may call 147, text or write to them over email. (available in German)

  • By phone: 147

Violence is Never Ok!

Violence is Never Ok! Is an information resource for children and juveniles on domestic violence. You will learn about where to get help if you’ve experienced it, how to deal with emotions. 

  • German, English, and Turkish. 

Domestic Violence Intervention Center Vienna

Domestic Violence Intervention Center Vienna  provide interventions in the event of violence in the family run by social workers and lawyers. Here is a map of intervention centers across Austria

  • Their interventions and consultations are offered in German, English, French, Italian, Slovakian, Armenian, BKS, Farsi, Kurdish, Polish, Russian and Turkish.

Halt der Gewalt

Online Consultations for women and girls facing violence offers a help chat service every day from 16.00 to 22.00. It is for women and girls facing physical, psychological and sexual violence in their lives. You will find information about legal support, women’s support groups and available protection for victims. HELPCHAT offer consultations in German, English and Turkish. 

  • English, German and Turkish

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