Route 28: Travel through Europe without skipping town on May 6th

Route 28 is happening on May 6th! This isn’t just a highway out of the American East Coast. It’s an idea uniting Europe in the middle of Vienna.  Choose one of seven different routes that allow you to explore different countries in Europe, all in one afternoon.

Starting at 13:00 in the courtyard of the MuseumsQuartier, choose your travel group, and your guide for the day will lead you from country to country, all dispersed throughout the city.  Although many stations will be hosted in German, this will be a hands on experience that will break language barriers, and why we at METROPOLE want to share it with you! The three routes where you will need limited German are marked with an *

There will be seven routes:

For Epicureans– go to Germany, France and Poland for a poetry slam, games and pierogi!

For the Young and Young at Heart– go to Sweden, Bulgaria and Italy! For participants who are 4 years old and up, celebrate Pipi Longstocking’s birthday, dance in Bulgaria and learn to act in Italy

For the Movers and Shakers– go to Belgium, Ireland and the Czech Republic. Draw a larger than life comic, play a pub quiz in Ireland and learn some Czech through theatre.

*For the whole family- go to Holland, Switzerland and Portugal. Go biking, learn to yodel and embroider your own carpet.

*For the Actors and Actresses– go to the UK, Spain and Hungary! Discover classic dry humor, attend a Spanish concert with Clara Blume and explore being home and standing with young Hungarian actors.

For Hipsters- go to Belgium, Germany and the UK. Draw a larger thank life comic, attend a poetry slam and discover the UK’s most famous cultural export, their dry humor.

*For those who want a little bit of everything- go to Ireland, Italy, and Spain! Test your trivia knowledge with a pub quiz, discover the Italian art of acting, “Commedia dell’Arte”, and then enjoy a concert with Clara Blume from Spain!

Find out more about this event here!

After your travels are over, you will return with your group to MuseumsQuartier. Then the party will start at 18:00. Win prizes and relax after an exciting day!  There will be a Europe exposition, where partners will share what cool new things there are happening in Europe. 


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