Canadian artist Guy Maddin’s retro feast

A fever dream of stories within stories owing more than a little to surrealist grandmaster Luis Buñuel, this tribute to lost films and the power of human imagination defies logic in favor of visual poetry. Noted for recreating the look and sound of late silent films and early talkies, director Guy Maddin (alongside co-director Evan Johnson) utilizes tropes and storylines from serials and melodramas, evocatively wrought with tongue firmly in cheek. Shot in public as an art installation at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Centre Phi in Montreal, a doomed submarine crew extends their oxygen by eating flapjacks; lumberjacks rescue a woman from wolfmen who might be  vampires; a moustache comforts the widow of the man he adorned –  there are too many in-jokes to count on this wild ride through early cinema’s id.

Starts Apr 1 – 12, Gartenbau Kino