Christoph Waltz Stands in the way of Feverish Love in Tulip Fever

A star-studded cast, magnificent costumes and a story of feverish love

Based on a bestselling 1999 novel by prolific English novelist Deborah Moggach and adapted by Academy-award winning playwright Sir Tom Stoppard, Tulip Fever is set against the backdrop of an infamous investment bubble in 17th-century Amsterdam for a riveting historical drama of lust, betrayal and revenge: A struggling artist (Dane DeHaan) falls head over heels in love with his model, the wife of a wealthy merchant. In a desperate attempt to secure their future together, tumble into the crazed tulip market.

No stranger to costume dramas, after 2008’s The Other Boleyn Girl, Director Justin Chadwick crafts a compelling picture with no fewer than three Oscar-awarded actors among the cast: Swedish shooting star Alicia Vikander, Austrian Hollywood-export Christoph Waltz and Dame Judi Dench.

Aug 25, Burg Kino.

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