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This August, METROPOLE has a special offer for new subscribers. Everyone who orders a METROPOLE Print & Digital Subscription by August 31 gets a GIFT BOX from markta - an online farmers' market, a...

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Vienna Survival Guide for Health

The Vienna Survival Guide for Health provides you with everything you've ever wanted to know about health care, doctors, insurance, and medical treatment in Vienna. We answer the questions you'd never...
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The Vienna Survival Guide for Health provides everything you need to know about health care, doctors, insurance, and medical treatment in Vienna.
  • your guide to Austrian bureaucracy vol.1

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From Empire to Republic

It’s been a hundred years since the Habsburg Empire was dissolved. In autumn 1918, the Empire disintegrated into nation states, many of them newly independent republics. The book you are about to hold...
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For the 100th anniversary of the dissolution of the Habsburg Empire, METROPOLE embarked on a year-long reporting project to create
a portrait of Central Europe.
  • the CEE’s best coffee table book

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Vienna Survival Guide for Housing

Get yourself the best cheat sheet for understanding the Viennese housing market, even if you just arrived. Table of contents: _Getting started _Neighborhoods _Renting Property in Vienna _Owni...
€ 19.90
No matter whether you’ve just arrived in Vienna or have lived here for years, this book is the best cheat sheet for finding, renting and owning
a home in the world’s most livable city.
  • your guide to Austrian bureaucracy vol.2

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Finding new ways to decorate your working space or living room can be quite a challenge. Liven up blank spots on your walls with the unique designs of the METROPOLE cover posters. Whether you want to ...

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