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Vienna Survival Guide for Health

Good health care is a crucial factor in one’s quality of life. As global comparisons have shown, Vienna leads the way. With this book, we aim to give you the tools to find your way through the Austria...
The Vienna Survival Guide for Health provides everything you need to know about health care, insurance, and medical treatment in Vienna. Plus a directory of English-speaking doctors in the city.
  • your guide through the bureaucracy vol.1

Books & more

Vienna Survival Guide for Housing

Choosing a new home is a considerable undertaking, no matter where you are. The good news is that Vienna offers something for everyone, whether you enjoy living in the vibrant center of the city life ...
No matter whether you’ve just arrived in Vienna or have lived here for years, this book is the best cheat sheet for finding, renting and owning
a home in the world’s most livable city.
  • your guide through the bureaucracy vol.2

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Vienna Survival Guide for Education

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO EDUCATION IN VIENNAEverything you need to know about school enrollment, studying and further education in Vienna. This education manual for parents and students answers the q...
This education manual for parents and students
provides you everything you need to know
about school enrollment, studying and
further education in Vienna.
  • your guide through the bureaucracy vol.3

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Vienna Survival Kit

Whether you're new to Vienna or want to help a friend get settled, the Vienna Survival Kit is just what you've been looking for. This comprehensive set of Survival Guides lights a path in the dense fo...


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Whether you are a newcomer in Vienna yourself or want to help a friend get settled in the world’s most livable city, the METROPOLE Survival Kit has you fully covered.
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From Empire to Republic

It’s been a century since the Habsburg Empire was dissolved. In the fall of 1918, the Empire disintegrated into nation states, many of them newly independent republics. The book you are about to hold ...
For the 100th anniversary of the dissolution of the Habsburg Empire, METROPOLE embarked on a year-long reporting project to create a portrait of Central Europe.

  • the CEE’s best coffee table book

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Fill the blank walls in your living space with the unique designs of the METROPOLE cover posters. Each of them represents a different topic, style and mindset, so there’s a perfect fit for every room ...

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Give your walls that artistic Vienna flair with METROPOLE cover posters, created by international illustrators.
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Back Issues 2019

Just subscribed to METROPOLE, but want to catch up on what we were talking about before you joined?Get our "Back Issues 2019" pack, which includes all four issues from 2019:SPRING 2019 "Gr...

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Metropole Face Mask

COMING SOON / PRE-ORDER NOW AND HAVE YOUR MASK DELIVERED AROUND MAY 15 Face masks seem to be here to stay (at least for a while) and it didn’t take long for them to go from being a protec...

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